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The Adventures Before Christmas (2)

Hello again!
There's just a few minutes left til Christmas Day, so here's a super quick updatey post! WOO!
***Includes Nail-y Goodness***

The Adventures Before Christmas (1)

Hello guys!
So it's Christmas in, what... 3 days now? How exciting!
Well, I know that the days running up to Christmas can be a little hectic- they definitely are here, anyway! I thought I'd cover a little of what's been going on in my own little run up- probably in a couple of posts, so here goes nothing.

OPI Liquid Sand "What Wizardry Is This?"

Now this polish has been mentioned a few times around here, very vaguely- but every time I have it on I always have people saying how much they adore it- and it's THE colour for anytime of the year, let me show you why!

So, to start with, OPI's Liquid Sand's are very very very nice textured polishes, usually with a lot of sparkle, shimmer or just general amazingness. The two I currently own myself are "What Wizardry Is This?" which is what's being covered in this post, and one from the Whitney Houston collection called "What's Your Number?" which I can cover if anybody wants it to be :)

The Ten Polishes of Christmas

Why have The Twelve Days, when you can have The Ten Polishes?
Here are quite simply, my top ten polishes to wear at Christmas time! (In no particular order!)

Remember that you can click any image to view a larger version of it! :D
Let's begiiiin! Woo!

Open your purses people! :)

Everybody get your purses at the ready...
My friend, Rachael, has recently had her head shaved to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. It's such an amazingly worthy cause, and she's been so brave to completely shave her head.
So far she's raised over £500 and the money's still coming in- how amazing is that!?

Click here to donate money!

Rachael's doing this because "Everyone has been affected by cancer somehow." She's also not wearing a wig (though she'll have to wear a hat considering the temperatures outside...)
Here's a little before and after:
This is a massive deal for her because she really does love her hair!

How to: Water Marble!

Hello everybody ^^
So, the post that you've all been promised and, I like to think, waiting for!
Here is what a water marble looks like- pretty, right? :D

Love/Hate Relationship: Nails Inc Beaded Polish

I'm sure many people out there have an item (or person) that they hate and love at the same time- I know I have several, and this polish is definitely one of them.
This is Nails Inc's Beaded Polish in the shade 'Chancery Lane', and it came in my lucky dip from the other week! :)

Models Own Sterling Silver Swatch!

Hello! Yes, this is an actual post! Woop!
I've been soooooo busy/distracted lately haha, woops. I guess sometimes life just gets in the way of things that you want to do most, doesn't it?
Anyway! I've been on a bit of a spending spree (kind of, not by much though hehe) and I now own 5 new polishes- yay!

New Polish and Organisation!

My Nails Inc Lucky Dip came, and wow is it just perfect!
So what happens with their 'Lucky Dip' is that you get 7 polishes at random for £18, and they only do it like once a season or something. When you think that Nails Inc polishes can range from £11-15, this is a damn good deal!
Plus the polishes include new and old ones- it's pretty much whatever they have in their warehouse as far as I understand =)

Crackle Time| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Hai Guys!
Yes, this post is 2 days late... I apologise!
I got distracted by life, pokemon and new nail polish arriving (More on that tonight!)

Textured Gradient| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Hey everyone ^^
As you can probably see, yes, it's Thursday today! Which means I missed a day out of the week, but oh well!
I shall include 2 ideas to help to make up for the loss!

The Pink Ribbon| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Hello again :)
So today was a major fail on the design front... it kind of worked, but not really. In short, I salute all of you who do ribbon designs! They aren't easy to do at all! Anyway, on with the show!
How You Can Raise Awareness Give money to cancer research charities, such as Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, Breakthrough and Marie Curie.
Tuesday's Design- The Pink Ribbon I feel like this is the 'typical' design that people use for supporting a breast cancer cure, featuring the pale pink ribbon.  Let's just say that a dotting tool was soooo not the tool that should be used to draw the ribbon. Won't be making that mistake again! So everybody, my biggest apologies for the mess that is supposed to be a ribbon on my ring finger there. Shan't happen again!

Cute Hearts| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Serious topic this week, over the next 5 days, I'll be posting 5 different designs each containing a pink feature to try and raise awareness for Breast Cancer. In each post I'll include a tutorial, and a 'how you can raise awareness'.

How You Can Raise Awareness
Today's is so simple, all you have to do is wear a pink ribbon! Wearing the pink ribbon shows that you're supporting Breast Cancer Care, and it doesn't matter how you wear it!

Monday's Design: Cute Hearts!
Today's design is super easy to do, and looks so cute! Plus it's actually the first design I've thought of 100% on my own :D
All you need to complete this design is 3 nail polishes!


Doing a simple post today- a Nail Polish lover's Must Have's!

1) A White Polish
Definitely a must have if you wanna be doing some creative work :)
I haven't found an 'amazing' one yet- but my favourite so far is Barry M's "Matt White" which gives you a decent covering two-coater for a mere £2.99 (from Superdrug, Boots or

How To: Gradient Nails

Gradient nails are a great way to ensure that your mani matches your outfit over a set period of days (depending on how many colours you use), and it also just looks pretty dang awesome.
You've seen a few of my own mani's where gradients have been used (these ones below, in example), especially those in more recent posts! So a tutorial is definitely long overdue- I hope you find it useful!

Meadow and Tree Nails

These nails are definitely one for any time of year- make them spooky for halloween with a dark and red background with creepy spiny black trees, or use icy blues and white colours with a bit of silver shimmer to represent a snowy Winter scene, or even soft pastel blues and a golden sun with lush green grass and fully bloomed trees during the Spring and Summer seasons- it's entirely up to you!
Here's a quick little tutorial on how to do them ^^

Nails of the Day!

Hello! Nice to see you stumbled across my little blog (or welcome back if you've visited here before!)
Today's just a quick little post to show that I'm not neglecting you, I'm just trying to sort some ideas for new posts on top of sixth form, homework, driving lessons, volunteering 2 nights a week, volunteering on Saturdays and still having time to myself ^^; Plus, sixth form have now dropped a bomb on us (not literally), giving us a mere 2 week warning that we have presentations to prepare for our Extended Project Qualification. Busy, busy, busy!
Anyway, on with the post!

Countess: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts

Duchess ('Nude Duchess')Lady ('White Pearl')Princess ('Pink Princess')Majesty ('Gold Majesty')Countess ('Purple Countess')Purple Countess If I had to pick a favourite from this collection, I think this would definitely be it (there's a surprise, right?), with Duchess following in a close second! The dark colour is just perfectly dark and mysterious, which I love in my polishes- but it holds enough sparkle to show a mischievous, feminine side too. The glitter within the polish are small and shimmery gold and purple pieces and bring the polish the autumnal feel that goes with the rest of the collection.
It's absolute perfection- many 100%'s to you my friend!
On this swatch... On this polish's swatch, I've played around with colours and designs a bit! My thumb and pinkie nails are just full-on Countess swatch, with my index and ring fingers a gradient of Duchess and Countess- such a …

Majesty: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts

Princess: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts

Lady: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts

Duchess: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts

Barry M Royalty & Matte Collection [Preview Only!]

As you know, Barry M are releasing their polishes on Wednesday 25th September (This Wednesday guys!)
Well, I went in to Superdrug today just to pick up a white nail polish...
So I off I wander to the Barry M stand because you know, it's the first place I go for any polishes!
And what more did I see but some beautiful polishes from the Autumn/Winter Collection staring back at me.

Astrology Nails!

Moon and Sun/Star Signs
Did you know that your Star Sign (Zodiac) is also known as your 'Sun' sign? And that there's a Moon Sign? Most women are actually more influenced from their Moon Zodiac, you can find out what yours is on this site here:

Birthday Polishes

Hello again!
Welcome to the second part (kind of) of my Birthday-Pressie-Posts! Clicky here to see Part One- Make-up!
Today we're doing Nail Polishes, because this is (of course) a Nail Polish blog!
Here's what will be covered!

Birthday Make-up!

As promised, here is the post reviewing and swatching all the make-up I got for my Birthday (which was 26th of August ^^)
Also, the playlist has been updated- hope you like it! There's quite a balanced mixture of genres and old and new songs :)
Anyway, on with the post!

Liebster Award~ Again!

Hello again dears! Before I wander off to go and update the music playlist (which I actually will do this time!) and before I write another mahoosive image-heavy post for you all on all the make-up I received for my Birthday, I've been nominated for the Liebster award again!
Last time's award-post!
Remember the logo?

Your Guide to Barry M Gelly's!

Finally, the time has come for the ever-promised "Barry M Gelly Polishes Review & Swatch" Post! YAY! Now, now, settle down, settle down, and prepare yourself for an image-heavy post!

Okay, so that picture isn't too great. But there's the colours that between us (Me and Rhian) have in the Gelly range. We're only missing "Grapefruit" I think...

Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster award by HelloEmski :D (Click the link!) It was such a surprise for it, and I had no idea what it was either haha! But yay, thank you Emski! :D

New Polishes and all that Jazz~

Hello there :)
I'm assuming you're still liking the reading-my-blog thing since you're still here and reading :D And if you're new, then welcome to Nail Parade, please enjoy your stay, don't forget to subscribe while you're here, and do come again soon!

Nail-Free Three~ July

Good day everybody! I hope you're all well, this is coming to you from the beautiful California that is my Dad's home!
(This picture was at like 9am, it's much sunnier, warmer and brighter now! Also this is not literally his house, this was taken out of a window)

What's going on!?

Guys..... I have big important news to share.

Shades: Gradient

This shade is "Gradient Nails" and to celebrate the unusually warm, sunny Summer weather we've been getting here in England, I went with an orange-yellow theme.
Aww, cute! As you can see, you can do a highlight nail while keeping your ombre-gradients! All you've got to do is switch which way the gradient is going, so just flip over your sponge! :)

Shades: Plaited

And back to the Shades posts! Today the feature is Plaited nails, glad you could join me :D
So, for plaited nails, it's a bit hard to explain on how to do it, but I'll give it a go!  The basic idea is that you have to criss-cross your different coloured nail paint stripes so they create a plaited effect and it's pretty easy to do!

Shades: French Mani

Eeeee look at me posting two days in a row! What is this crazy world?
Anyway, french manicure time! As I said for nude coloured nails, I'm not a fan of the bland-stuff, so I have a colourful mani design for you!
For this design I have used:
*Boot's 17 "Luau"
*Revlon's Watermelon Fizz (Scented!)
*Maybelline Super Stay Gel Colour in Berry Stain
*Manicure Tip Guides

Shades: Crackle

Hello little paraders! :) Here is the post I've promised you a few times already (I'm not too good at keeping track of when I said things) and in this post guess what we've returned to? That's right, the amazing blue and Barry M (the 2 B's of the blog!)

How to: Glitter Gradient

Welcome to...How to: Glitter Gradient!

You will need: *A clear coat *A coloured coat (*optional*) *A good-quality glitter polish

Shades: Nude

So even though this shade is "nude" I really cannot stand bland nails, personally so I spiced it up with some glitter! In other terms, a lot of glitter!
Here's the colour without the glitter :) I do believe it is Nails Inc's Chalk Farm Road which was a free gift from Nails Inc (online or in-store), if you spent £35 or more :)  [Note that this will most likely end when stock runs out, which is probably in July or August 2013]

Shades: Textured

So, I didn't want to repeat the Ridley Road textured polish I used for the pastels post, so I went and celebrated my un-birthday by buying a new polish! I do believe I purchased Barry M Diamond Glitter and (more importantly for this shade challenge post) Barry M Textured Polish "Kingsland Road" which is a pastelly pink this time! :) There's still the sandy texture though, of course!
And because I was dying to use that new glitter, it features here too! Yay for sparkles!

Shades: Matte

Oh no... the World's going crazy... I have pink nails... again. o.O (Dun dun duuun)
I do also have blue on though... so it's kinda contradictory (I hope!)
Anyway, I wanted to see what would happen to Barry M Denim Polish with a matte coat, so that is what I did! :) And it's very pretty! :D The polish itself dries quite matte-effect anyway, but the little glitter pieces still shimmer through quite a bit. Adding a matte-coat on top makes it even more like jean-denim!

How to: Stick on Gems! Easily!

Welcome to... How to Stick On Gems! (using a topcoat!)

You Will Need:
*The nails you are putting the gems on (of course!) ;)
*A clear, (not matte) top-coat
*A (blunt) pencil, orange stick, dotting tool or something of similar use to pick up gems

Shades: Bejewelled

This shade ended up being rather unusual for me, simply for the reason that my nails look really super girly! Pink *and* sparkles, what's going on? :O

Shades: Polka Dots

For polka dots, I'd normally pick a dotting tool and just dot randomly, like many others do I guess. This time, I wanted to try out a new polish! It's Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dot in Rainforest Canopy

Shades: Half-Moon

I wanted to capture the rare Summer-feeling we've been getting here in England recently (I know, Summer, in England? What's going on?) so I've returned to using Barry M Gelly Colours! In pretty, Summery shades, if I do say so myself... The colours, from left to right, that I've used are.. Blueberry, Greenberry, Guava (Summer 2013) and Papaya.

Shades: Rainbow

I wanted to do something a little bit different for this prompt. Most people do rainbow gradients, draw rainbows or use different colours of the rainbow for 'rainbow' tasks. My plan was originally to do little mini rainbows on each nail, but I couldn't find a small enough paintbrush! :( Instead, this is what I came up with...

Shades: Glitter

The other Friday was totally definitely Glitter Day! It can't be replaced!
I'm pretty certain that there was some glitter sprinkled nearly everywhere around school! There's definitely gonna be some found in the music room, and in one of the sixth form classrooms, and probably a bit around my bedroom off whatever was left on my clothes!

Shades: Metallic

I've returned to good ole Barry M for this shade, using colours "Teal" and "Foil Effects Gold" They're both super pretty colours, except the gold does go a little streaky when you look up close, but it's totally fine!
I'd actually originally planned to use my Ciate Foil kit, but looks like I'm saving that for some other time since I completely forgot (I'm so forgetful!)
Anyway I shall leave you with some cute little images of my nails!

Shades: Monochrome

For monochrome nails, I wanted to do something a little different than I've seen other bloggers do in the past. So, in short, no zebra print, stripes, polka dots, etc.
Instead, I decided to some cool fire nails! :D They're really super easy to do, and I shall explain below, and include the video tutorial that I used :)

Shades: Neon

Today's nails are bright and happy and ready to part-ay! :D Wahoo!
So today I have used:
OPI Nail Laquer in Alpine Snow as an under-neon coat just to brighten up the colours ^^
Barry M's Summer Limited Edition in A (neon pink)
Barry M's Summer Limited Edition in B (neon green)
Rimmel London's Lasting Finish in Sunshine (yellow)

Shades: Pastel

For today's topic of pastel I have used yet another two Barry M polishes, that are both fairly recent-ish. The main one used here is the Textured Nail Paint in "Ridley Road" which is a pale blue-mint colour. It's a really super pretty colour, and the texture is pretty interesting! It's one of those polishes that's been in my drawer for a little while and I'm like, hmm, should I use it, should I not and it's just been pushed back!

Shades: Birthstone Colour

Hey everyone,

So, my birthstone is peridot and I hate it so much! It's just such an ew-y colour! :(
Besides that, I actually have a colour that matches it! Barry M Gelly in Key Lime (wow I'm loving the Gelly colours right now, aren't I?). It's a bit of a strange colour so I wanted to spruce it up a bit, so I did with a few peridot-coloured gems.

Shades: Favourite Polish Colour!

Hey guys!
So at the moment I'm doing a little blog series that I've titled "Shades" where I follow some random prompts for nail art and choosing colours.
The first of this series is Favourite Polish Colour! I hope you like it...

Today's the day...!

Well, yesterday was the day really!
Haha, I had a really good day, and it was just fun in general, so here's a little pinch of what happened! First of all, in the morning I did my nails, of course ;)

Capture the Sun!

Quick! Before it disappears, everyone catch a little sunshine and save it up, you never know when we're gonna get anymore!


New Polishes, New Swatches, New Sunshine! :D

To start things off... YAY! NO MORE EXAMS! If you still have some to go, then good luck to you my friend!
To celebrate the finishing of exams, and partially cause me and a friend were a little bored, I bought some new nail polish, yay!!

From left to right: Barry M Confetti Polish in Bubblegum, Barry M "SNP" (Sequin Nail Polish) in Black, Barry M "SLE" (Summer Limited Edition) A, Barry M "SLE" B, Barry M Gelly Mango, Barry M Gelly Passion Fruit, Rimmel London Salon Pro with Lycra Kate in Disco Fever.

Barry M Emerald Green

More green! There's so much green around here at the moment because not only is it a great colour, but I'm also considering it my "lucky colour" and I need all the extra luck I can get for my exams at the moment! Anyway, here is another swatch for you! :)

Wild, Wild Nails! (And a swatch!)

And once again, the blog is all set up and tidy, apologies to the few people who may have visited while the blog was in the middle of customisation, it must've looked a mess!
To (hopefully) make up for that, I have this post for you! You're being spoilt today with all of the new things, aren't you? :D
Anyway! It's time to go wild!


So I decided that I was going to try and start a system of using up my nail polish by using them in alphabetical order... (I'm crazy...)
And then every time I use one, I can buy a new one, yay! But only when I have to throw one out cause it's gone gross or has ran out (boo D:) although, this will only start when I have an good round number of polishes.

Nailing Around: McFly!

It's time for a little introduction to a new kind of blogpost- "Nailing Around"
I'll be posting pictures of my nails if I ever do some cool designs to go to certain places (like gigs and concerts and what not) or if I just go anywhere pretty awesome generally :)

So for my first Nailing Around post, I want to introduce you to the band Mcfly!
Definitely my favourite band of all time, hands down, no competition. Me and two of my friends went to see them in April :) April 25th! :D

Bling It On! Review

One of my most recent purchases of the month, was Nails Inc's Bling It On-Emerald! I fell in love with the polish colour when I saw it on the stand, it really is a beautiful colour.
Average Overall Rating: 9/10
Colour & Effect: 10/10
Durability: 10/10 -Amazing!
Removability: 6/10 without glitter- The colour stains a bit.
                 4/10 with the glitter- The glitter is really hard to take off!

Revlon Moon Candy

Hello everybody!
One (or two...) of my recent purchases have been of Revlon's Nail Art Moon-Candy in the colours "Orbit" and "Meteor".

Average Overall Rating: 7/10
Colour & Effect: 10/10
Durability: 4/10 -Actually quite poor
Removability: 7/10 -It removes quite easily considering the glitter flakes


So, hello there! As you see I've given the site a bit of a make-over today! There's now a "Did You Know?" section in the sidebar on the right, just underneath the Twitter feed! And obviously a funky new Summery-theme for you all to love (I got sick of the blue-it was very wintery and dark and depressing!).

Anyway, on with todays post! This is about my (several) "WOOPS!" moments that I've had in the past few weeks.


Hello my little paraders :)
What a daaaaay today has been! I've been on a work experience placement (I am absolutely shattered-cream-crackered right now mind) and I'm on it for the rest of the week too! Yipeee! :D
I'm doing at the local Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Centre, along with two 15 year old guys (yay for being the only girl... not) but that aside, it's been pretty hectic- and they have a zoo assessment thing tomorrow, so it's going to be busy busy busy!

Nails as good as new!

First of all, wow. Just wow. That was completely unexpected!
I've just been doing my pre-colour nail prep to find that my Mam's added a new little bottle into the bag-now it looks really shabby and poor, but wow, it works a dream!
Introducing... Boots Salon Nail Care Cuticle Remover!

Just a quick preview...

Just thought I'd do a quick preview of the kinds of things you can expect to see on here, while I have a little revision-free time to myself!