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So I decided that I was going to try and start a system of using up my nail polish by using them in alphabetical order... (I'm crazy...)
And then every time I use one, I can buy a new one, yay! But only when I have to throw one out cause it's gone gross or has ran out (boo D:) although, this will only start when I have an good round number of polishes.

Nailing Around: McFly!

It's time for a little introduction to a new kind of blogpost- "Nailing Around"
I'll be posting pictures of my nails if I ever do some cool designs to go to certain places (like gigs and concerts and what not) or if I just go anywhere pretty awesome generally :)

So for my first Nailing Around post, I want to introduce you to the band Mcfly!
Definitely my favourite band of all time, hands down, no competition. Me and two of my friends went to see them in April :) April 25th! :D

Bling It On! Review

One of my most recent purchases of the month, was Nails Inc's Bling It On-Emerald! I fell in love with the polish colour when I saw it on the stand, it really is a beautiful colour.
Average Overall Rating: 9/10
Colour & Effect: 10/10
Durability: 10/10 -Amazing!
Removability: 6/10 without glitter- The colour stains a bit.
                 4/10 with the glitter- The glitter is really hard to take off!

Revlon Moon Candy

Hello everybody!
One (or two...) of my recent purchases have been of Revlon's Nail Art Moon-Candy in the colours "Orbit" and "Meteor".

Average Overall Rating: 7/10
Colour & Effect: 10/10
Durability: 4/10 -Actually quite poor
Removability: 7/10 -It removes quite easily considering the glitter flakes


So, hello there! As you see I've given the site a bit of a make-over today! There's now a "Did You Know?" section in the sidebar on the right, just underneath the Twitter feed! And obviously a funky new Summery-theme for you all to love (I got sick of the blue-it was very wintery and dark and depressing!).

Anyway, on with todays post! This is about my (several) "WOOPS!" moments that I've had in the past few weeks.


Hello my little paraders :)
What a daaaaay today has been! I've been on a work experience placement (I am absolutely shattered-cream-crackered right now mind) and I'm on it for the rest of the week too! Yipeee! :D
I'm doing at the local Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Centre, along with two 15 year old guys (yay for being the only girl... not) but that aside, it's been pretty hectic- and they have a zoo assessment thing tomorrow, so it's going to be busy busy busy!

Nails as good as new!

First of all, wow. Just wow. That was completely unexpected!
I've just been doing my pre-colour nail prep to find that my Mam's added a new little bottle into the bag-now it looks really shabby and poor, but wow, it works a dream!
Introducing... Boots Salon Nail Care Cuticle Remover!

Just a quick preview...

Just thought I'd do a quick preview of the kinds of things you can expect to see on here, while I have a little revision-free time to myself!


Why, hello there!
Good to see you found my blog! Now, I'm just getting set up and used to this whole blog-thing, so do please bear with me!
I have some pre-prepared nail posts to put up when I have some spare time, but I am just entering the AS-Level exam period so I have absolutely no idea when that will be...
While you're here though, please take the time to subscribe, follow me on Twitter @Nail_Parade and share the blog's site around. The more views, the more I'll feel obliged to post!
Thanks! Hope to see you around here in a few days!