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Shades: Polka Dots

For polka dots, I'd normally pick a dotting tool and just dot randomly, like many others do I guess. This time, I wanted to try out a new polish! It's Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dot in Rainforest Canopy

Shades: Half-Moon

I wanted to capture the rare Summer-feeling we've been getting here in England recently (I know, Summer, in England? What's going on?) so I've returned to using Barry M Gelly Colours! In pretty, Summery shades, if I do say so myself... The colours, from left to right, that I've used are.. Blueberry, Greenberry, Guava (Summer 2013) and Papaya.

Shades: Rainbow

I wanted to do something a little bit different for this prompt. Most people do rainbow gradients, draw rainbows or use different colours of the rainbow for 'rainbow' tasks. My plan was originally to do little mini rainbows on each nail, but I couldn't find a small enough paintbrush! :( Instead, this is what I came up with...

Shades: Glitter

The other Friday was totally definitely Glitter Day! It can't be replaced!
I'm pretty certain that there was some glitter sprinkled nearly everywhere around school! There's definitely gonna be some found in the music room, and in one of the sixth form classrooms, and probably a bit around my bedroom off whatever was left on my clothes!

Shades: Metallic

I've returned to good ole Barry M for this shade, using colours "Teal" and "Foil Effects Gold" They're both super pretty colours, except the gold does go a little streaky when you look up close, but it's totally fine!
I'd actually originally planned to use my Ciate Foil kit, but looks like I'm saving that for some other time since I completely forgot (I'm so forgetful!)
Anyway I shall leave you with some cute little images of my nails!

Shades: Monochrome

For monochrome nails, I wanted to do something a little different than I've seen other bloggers do in the past. So, in short, no zebra print, stripes, polka dots, etc.
Instead, I decided to some cool fire nails! :D They're really super easy to do, and I shall explain below, and include the video tutorial that I used :)

Shades: Neon

Today's nails are bright and happy and ready to part-ay! :D Wahoo!
So today I have used:
OPI Nail Laquer in Alpine Snow as an under-neon coat just to brighten up the colours ^^
Barry M's Summer Limited Edition in A (neon pink)
Barry M's Summer Limited Edition in B (neon green)
Rimmel London's Lasting Finish in Sunshine (yellow)

Shades: Pastel

For today's topic of pastel I have used yet another two Barry M polishes, that are both fairly recent-ish. The main one used here is the Textured Nail Paint in "Ridley Road" which is a pale blue-mint colour. It's a really super pretty colour, and the texture is pretty interesting! It's one of those polishes that's been in my drawer for a little while and I'm like, hmm, should I use it, should I not and it's just been pushed back!

Shades: Birthstone Colour

Hey everyone,

So, my birthstone is peridot and I hate it so much! It's just such an ew-y colour! :(
Besides that, I actually have a colour that matches it! Barry M Gelly in Key Lime (wow I'm loving the Gelly colours right now, aren't I?). It's a bit of a strange colour so I wanted to spruce it up a bit, so I did with a few peridot-coloured gems.

Shades: Favourite Polish Colour!

Hey guys!
So at the moment I'm doing a little blog series that I've titled "Shades" where I follow some random prompts for nail art and choosing colours.
The first of this series is Favourite Polish Colour! I hope you like it...

Today's the day...!

Well, yesterday was the day really!
Haha, I had a really good day, and it was just fun in general, so here's a little pinch of what happened! First of all, in the morning I did my nails, of course ;)

Capture the Sun!

Quick! Before it disappears, everyone catch a little sunshine and save it up, you never know when we're gonna get anymore!


New Polishes, New Swatches, New Sunshine! :D

To start things off... YAY! NO MORE EXAMS! If you still have some to go, then good luck to you my friend!
To celebrate the finishing of exams, and partially cause me and a friend were a little bored, I bought some new nail polish, yay!!

From left to right: Barry M Confetti Polish in Bubblegum, Barry M "SNP" (Sequin Nail Polish) in Black, Barry M "SLE" (Summer Limited Edition) A, Barry M "SLE" B, Barry M Gelly Mango, Barry M Gelly Passion Fruit, Rimmel London Salon Pro with Lycra Kate in Disco Fever.

Barry M Emerald Green

More green! There's so much green around here at the moment because not only is it a great colour, but I'm also considering it my "lucky colour" and I need all the extra luck I can get for my exams at the moment! Anyway, here is another swatch for you! :)

Wild, Wild Nails! (And a swatch!)

And once again, the blog is all set up and tidy, apologies to the few people who may have visited while the blog was in the middle of customisation, it must've looked a mess!
To (hopefully) make up for that, I have this post for you! You're being spoilt today with all of the new things, aren't you? :D
Anyway! It's time to go wild!