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Nail-Free Three~ July

Good day everybody! I hope you're all well, this is coming to you from the beautiful California that is my Dad's home!
(This picture was at like 9am, it's much sunnier, warmer and brighter now! Also this is not literally his house, this was taken out of a window)

What's going on!?

Guys..... I have big important news to share.

Shades: Gradient

This shade is "Gradient Nails" and to celebrate the unusually warm, sunny Summer weather we've been getting here in England, I went with an orange-yellow theme.
Aww, cute! As you can see, you can do a highlight nail while keeping your ombre-gradients! All you've got to do is switch which way the gradient is going, so just flip over your sponge! :)

Shades: Plaited

And back to the Shades posts! Today the feature is Plaited nails, glad you could join me :D
So, for plaited nails, it's a bit hard to explain on how to do it, but I'll give it a go!  The basic idea is that you have to criss-cross your different coloured nail paint stripes so they create a plaited effect and it's pretty easy to do!

Shades: French Mani

Eeeee look at me posting two days in a row! What is this crazy world?
Anyway, french manicure time! As I said for nude coloured nails, I'm not a fan of the bland-stuff, so I have a colourful mani design for you!
For this design I have used:
*Boot's 17 "Luau"
*Revlon's Watermelon Fizz (Scented!)
*Maybelline Super Stay Gel Colour in Berry Stain
*Manicure Tip Guides

Shades: Crackle

Hello little paraders! :) Here is the post I've promised you a few times already (I'm not too good at keeping track of when I said things) and in this post guess what we've returned to? That's right, the amazing blue and Barry M (the 2 B's of the blog!)

How to: Glitter Gradient

Welcome to...How to: Glitter Gradient!

You will need: *A clear coat *A coloured coat (*optional*) *A good-quality glitter polish

Shades: Nude

So even though this shade is "nude" I really cannot stand bland nails, personally so I spiced it up with some glitter! In other terms, a lot of glitter!
Here's the colour without the glitter :) I do believe it is Nails Inc's Chalk Farm Road which was a free gift from Nails Inc (online or in-store), if you spent £35 or more :)  [Note that this will most likely end when stock runs out, which is probably in July or August 2013]

Shades: Textured

So, I didn't want to repeat the Ridley Road textured polish I used for the pastels post, so I went and celebrated my un-birthday by buying a new polish! I do believe I purchased Barry M Diamond Glitter and (more importantly for this shade challenge post) Barry M Textured Polish "Kingsland Road" which is a pastelly pink this time! :) There's still the sandy texture though, of course!
And because I was dying to use that new glitter, it features here too! Yay for sparkles!

Shades: Matte

Oh no... the World's going crazy... I have pink nails... again. o.O (Dun dun duuun)
I do also have blue on though... so it's kinda contradictory (I hope!)
Anyway, I wanted to see what would happen to Barry M Denim Polish with a matte coat, so that is what I did! :) And it's very pretty! :D The polish itself dries quite matte-effect anyway, but the little glitter pieces still shimmer through quite a bit. Adding a matte-coat on top makes it even more like jean-denim!

How to: Stick on Gems! Easily!

Welcome to... How to Stick On Gems! (using a topcoat!)

You Will Need:
*The nails you are putting the gems on (of course!) ;)
*A clear, (not matte) top-coat
*A (blunt) pencil, orange stick, dotting tool or something of similar use to pick up gems

Shades: Bejewelled

This shade ended up being rather unusual for me, simply for the reason that my nails look really super girly! Pink *and* sparkles, what's going on? :O