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Shades: Matte

Oh no... the World's going crazy... I have pink nails... again. o.O (Dun dun duuun)
I do also have blue on though... so it's kinda contradictory (I hope!)
Anyway, I wanted to see what would happen to Barry M Denim Polish with a matte coat, so that is what I did! :) And it's very pretty! :D The polish itself dries quite matte-effect anyway, but the little glitter pieces still shimmer through quite a bit. Adding a matte-coat on top makes it even more like jean-denim!

The pink colour used is Barry M Gelly in Pomegranate :) Matte-coating the Gelly polishes just makes the colours even more vibrant and amazing than before, probably because you're getting less light-reflection, and more colour! It's amazing, so definitely experiment with it if you have any Gelly polishes at home :)

So anyway, here is some jazzy jazzy pictures for you!

As you can see, the denim does still give a little bit of a shimmer, and the gelly does still give a little bit of a shine, depending on the light :)
I did each hand a different general colour, with a highlight ring finger in the colour of the opposite hand :) I actually liked them being all mis-matchy too, so expect to see more of that in the future from me!

Hope you like the matte-shade day then :) Tell me your thoughts and your own matte-designs in the comments below! :D


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