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Astrology Nails!

Moon and Sun/Star Signs
Did you know that your Star Sign (Zodiac) is also known as your 'Sun' sign? And that there's a Moon Sign? Most women are actually more influenced from their Moon Zodiac, you can find out what yours is on this site here:

My Moon Sign is definitely more overpowering than my star sign, judging by their profiles anyway. I'm a Virgo by Sun and an Aquarius by Moon. As a Virgo, I'm supposedly a 'perfectionist' (which I'm definitely not, have you seen my schoolwork!?), 'all work and no play' (I'd like to think not, but who knows?), 'a reserved manner' (yes but no?) and have a 'great ability to communicate' (definitely not, I can't even tell my Mam anything serious face-to-face!) but there are some factors that I definitely do agree with here, such as they prefer to find themselves surrounded by nature and animals, dislike taking centre stage and hate asking for help.
Which leads me to point to my Aquarius Moon profile, it appears to fit me to a 'T', as the saying goes. Taking quotes from this site let's go through everything that I completely agree/disagree with. (A for Agree, D for Disagree) "very observant" (A), "love to study human nature and analyse why everyone around them acts the way they do" (A), "may appear a bit detached" (A), "can be sociable, but would rather be on their own" (A), "not their lot to be mainstream or to 'fit in'" (A), "pretend that jealousy, fear and possessiveness don't exist" (A- mostly fear tbh...), "can be very stubborn" (D), "a strong need for independence" (A), "temper tantrums when young" (D), "can be so good at understanding others' motivations and behaviours, they can often lose touch with their own" (A), "kind and compassionate" (I'd like to think so...?), "criticism can stop them in their tracks" (A).
Re-reading through this, I'm starting to think that maybe I'm a pretty good mix of the two (feel free to disagree if you know me of course!) and I think that during my childhood I was definitely more Virgo-like than I am today- I was always organising and re-doing things so they were perfect- no idea what happened there!

Anyway, I'd like to know what you think about the whole Astrology thing generally? Do you support it or think it's a load of trash? (Don't worry, I don't offend easily!^^) 

And on with the nails!

For the 'Sun' Sign Nails, you will need:
*A selection of 2-3 yellow/orange 'Sun' Polishes :)
*A Make-up sponge (or a cut-up kitchen/bathroom sponge)
*White/Black Nail Art Pen, or Nail Art Brushes + Polish of choice
*Gold Glitter (Optional)

1. Paint nails in a pale colour (Models Own Banana Split)

2. Create the gradient (Rimmel 'Sunshine' and Natural Collection 'Antique Coral') using the sponge of choice. Note that a kitchen/bathroom sponge will show more bubbles/holes in the polish, so a makeup sponge is recommended :) All you have to do is paint the colours in a line on the sponge and 'roll' it accross your nail before dabbing the sponge up and down to blend it. There are tutorials online if you're unsure (I'll get round to doing my own sometime!)

3. Draw your Zodiac Symbol(s) on the nail(s) that you want it on using the nail pens or the brushes and polish that you've chosen. (I used Barry M's White Nail Art Pen, but something darker would have been better as the polishes I chose were pretty light)

4. Cover with gold glitter polish (Optional!) =) I used Leighton Denny's Gold Dust, which is a very subtle gold shimmer, just like one you would expect to find within an actual coloured polish.

Note: *I don't have any nail art brushes yet (they're still in the post) but you could form a little sun on any nails that you don't want to have the symbol on, by simply painting a yellow 'half moon' at the base of your nails with squigly lines coming from it ^^


For Moon-Sign Nails:
*Dark Polish (Dark blue, purple, or even black)
*Shimmery polish (Gold or silver? :D)
*White/silver art pen/nail art paint set

1. Paint nails in dark polish (Nails Inc 'The Mall')

2. Cover in the shimmer (Leighton Denny's Gold Dust)
3. Draw on your Moon-Sign Symbol on the nails you want to have it on! =)
4. Cover with more shimmer if you wish ;) (You can NEVER have too much sparkle!)

So, this is the first of my posts that actually has a 100% self-made up design! Wooo! I'd love to see more people re-create it though, so if you do make sure you let me know (details in the Contact Me page!), I'm excited to see what you come up with! :D

I'd also love to hear your thoughts on this post, so please leave a comment below!
Thanks for reading, don't forget to subscribe if you don't already!

Bye for now!


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