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Birthday Polishes

Hello again!
Welcome to the second part (kind of) of my Birthday-Pressie-Posts! Clicky here to see Part One- Make-up!
Today we're doing Nail Polishes, because this is (of course) a Nail Polish blog!
Here's what will be covered!

Nails Inc
  • Baker Street
  • Haymarket
  • The Boltons
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Color to Diner For
  • Jag-U-Are
  • Bazooka
Miss Sporty
  • Hypnotic Turquoise
  • Moon Candy in 'Galactic'
  • Feathered Manicure Kit
Sinful Colors
  • Faceted
Collection 2000
  • Ninja
First of all, I would like to thank all the friends who bought these nail polishes, because none of them are duplicated! How great is that! :D And, just read the names of the polishes- they're great! :')

On to a review/summary then! Let's try and stick to that order! Hehe :3
Nails Inc! <3

1) Nails Inc~ Baker Street
This blue is just like, literally, the best in the business. It's so vibrant and beautiful and <3

This is a messy paint job, isn't it...? >.<
2) Nails Inc~ Haymarket
Another beautiful colour- a round of applause to you Nails Inc! Now in this shadowy 6pm-light, the polish looks very greeny in the bottle, no? Well in daylight, on nails, as you can see in the images below, it's actually a very pretty pastelly blue, that has slight green undertones. Definitely a pleasant shade for any time of year!

3) Nails Inc~ The Boltons
Now, the name of this shade reminds me of High School Musical and Troy Bolton and I'm pretty sure the Wildcat's strip was red? (Correct me if I'm wrong!) Well, this shade suite pretty perfectly! It's a very vibrant red, with a kind of pink-highlight when the light shines on it, and is super shimmery! (Yay, sparkle!)

I have a comparison of all the reds coming up for you laterz!

4) OPI- Happy Anniversary
This polish is a shimmery-pearl polish, which I would personally use over the top of a more vibrant colour but I know it'd look amazing by itself if you happen to want something a bit more subtle ^^

Both OPI's! ^^
Now, if you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen the water marble I did the other week/day/I can't remember when...
(The Super Messy Pic!)
And I transformed that polished-mess into this~
Matte-Shimmer-Matte-Shimmer-Matte-Shimmer Goodness!
The shimmer over the top of the pink/orange nails, is Happy Anniversary, and as you can see a little bit, the polish lets different parts of the colour beneath it show up depending on where the light is shining. :) It's genuinely beautiful though- OPI (and Hannah) are geniuses!

5) OPI- Color to Diner For
This colour is very similar to Nails Inc's 'The Boltons' except it's not quite as shimmery. So if you want a less 'dancey' red, go for this one!

6) Essie- Jag-U-Are
Time for the third and final red! This Essie-Red not only has an amazing name, but also is a super pretty colour. It's pretty shimmery, but instead of being an extremely vibrant blood-red, it has a slight pink undertone running through it. Still beautiful though!

So sparkly, so pretty!
7) Essie- Bazooka
For some reason the name 'Bazooka' just makes me want to go...
Anyway... In the bottle this looks like a very vibrant orange, but on a (fake) nail it goes pretty pinky. So it's a pretty pinky-orange (kind of like a prawn colour maybe...? But more orange?) Anyway, my lighting in the living room sucks so you can't really see what I mean too well and will have to take my word for it xD

8) Miss Sporty- Hypnotic Turquoise
This polish is literally wonderful. It's one of the few I've worn for over 5 days without getting bored of it and without it chipping either! (Good call Sam!) 

9) Revlon- Moon Candy in 'Galactic'
Moon Candy Polish... Now where have we seen these before? OH that's right! Right here!
On that post you can see the purple (Orbit) and the green (Meteor)
And now you get to see Galactic- which is the one I had originally set out to buy oh so many months ago! XD (So thank you Beth!)
(So, I appear to have misplaced it/my Mam's moved it from where it was- I'll keep looking though!)
Here's what it looks like on though! ^^
(Highlight Nail!)
10) Ciate- Feathered Manicure Kit
Now, I give this a yes and a no... It's a great idea and well thought out, but it just doesn't work too well. I'm not sure if it's the feathers, or the top coat that they've included in the kit that makes it so sucky, but if it works on one nail, it won't on the rest. I found that the feathers didn't stay all soft looking but instead went super harsh and despite a few pretty looking nail, they just aren't really worth the £20. They were also really hard to fix if you made a mistake, or if the feather started to lift off.

My current thoughts are though, that the mini polish is an absolutely beautiful neutral toned pink with pretty shimmery gold tones through it that I will definitely be using a lot. The feathers (nearly wrote 'fathers' there haha) are super pretty and the top coat works quite well. But these are all separately. I'm going to blame the top coat for the ugly-looking-ugly-feeling results as I think it grasps the feathers way too well over the top, and not well enough underneath. There is absolutely no need for it to be a speed-dry topcoat.
/small rant ends/

11) Sinful Colors- Faceted
I don't even know what 'faceted' means so I'll just hop off to my dictionary app here...
So according to my dictionary it is "a smooth surface (as of a bone or a cut gemstone)" I'm guessing/hoping for this polish they're referring to is the gemstones. The polish itself does remind me of little flickers of blue diamonds so ^^
My one bad thought about this polish is that the sparkles really don't spread very evenly. =(

12) Collection 2000- Ninja
And finally we've come to the last polish of the post! What an amazing name it has too!
I'm sure most of your nail-bloggers/readers are ninjas yourself when it comes to nail polish shopping, picking up a bargain here and there and swiping up your favourite colour! So when it comes to a green, get this one! It's such a rich green that it's perfect for every season :) And it's not too cold, yellow, or warm~ Perfect! :D

And that's all for now folks! I have an exciting post coming up for you within the next couple of days on how to paint your own 'Astrology Nails!'
(Have a little preview here...)

And if I find that other Moon Candy polish in the next week, I'll be sure to update this post! Yay! =D

See you soon!
~Rachel xxx


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