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Your Guide to Barry M Gelly's!

Finally, the time has come for the ever-promised "Barry M Gelly Polishes Review & Swatch" Post! YAY!
Now, now, settle down, settle down, and prepare yourself for an image-heavy post!

Panorama View? Yes please...
Okay, so that picture isn't too great. But there's the colours that between us (Me and Rhian) have in the Gelly range. We're only missing "Grapefruit" I think...

Have another 'row of colours' picture!
Yes, that is Doctor Who in the background :P
Quick little summary of the polishes in general: These polishes are amazing, they go on like a dream, despite the brush not being as amazing as, in example, the Rimmel Pro ones, with the nice flattened shape. They dry super shiny, and pretty quickly, and the majority of the colours only take around 2-3 coats too! It's a win, win... win! A triple win- go and buy some! They're only £3.99 per bottle too, did I mention that?
Oh, and they're also amazing water marbling polishes, which you can see if you make it to the end of the post :P
Anyway, on with the show!
I'm going to show you some very important images today, and they are swatches of the amazing colours. There'll also be a list at the end of the colours I love most, and a brief description of each polish colour near the images =)

Colour 1 - Guava

Ah, Guava, how I adore you as a colour. This colour is literally absolutely beautiful, and it looks amazing with matte top coat on too (see image below!), so it is definitely going to end up on the top 10 list, no doubt about it. If you're looking for an amazing polish, and a beautiful teal-blue, this is your polish!

Matte Top-Coat:
Main Colour= Blue Grape, Tips= Guava, Confetti Polish= Marshmallow
Colour 2 - Blue Grape
It only seems right to flex the Blue Grape you can see Matted in that image, so here we go! This colour is an amazing, bright, yet dark and mysterious, royal blue colour- shiny or matte, it can help bring together any look. Also definitely a best-buy for myself... (I like blue, can you tell?)

Colour 3 - Blue Plum/Blackberry
Now, for some reason, this shade has two names. The one on the website says "Blackberry" yet on the bottle, it says "Blue Plum". (I just did a quick search, apparently some of the labels got mixed up. The blue shade is meant to be "Blackberry" and the dark purple shade "Plum", so beware shoppers!) This colour is simply a very deep teal-blue, and although it is still an incredibly nice shade, it just doesn't seem to have as much appeal personally to me than the others do, but it's a great rich colour for dark nights out :)

Colour 4 - Blood Orange
This shade is rather interesting, as it's very red, yet very orange at the same time. Again, not one of my personal favourites yet it is a fantastic bright colour, and most definitely a shade to consider for the fast-approaching Halloween-October!

Colour 5 - Blueberry
Oh look, it's another blue, and another favourite of mine! As for this polish, I saw a swatch on a website and went out specifically to buy it. I am so glad I did too! It's a beautiful pastel-coloured blue with a slight purple-y undertone. It's beautiful, I'll just show you :)

Colour 6 - Plum
This purple, is absolutely beautiful. It's a really rich, deep colour and absolutely amazing with nearly any outfit. Whether you prefer dark shades, or tend to stay away from them, this is definitely a shade that every girl needs!

Colour 7 - Pomegranate
Ah, the pomegranate. The actual fruit is disgusting, yet this colour is absolutely fabulous. It's an elegant bright pink, that is in your face but for all of the right reasons. Literally nobody could do this colour wrong either (and I'm not even that keen on pink!)

Colour 8 - Prickly Pear
An extremely pastel purple! It makes a great base substitute for a white, or even as a nice colour (if pastel purple's your thing, I personally prefer the brights and darks here)

Colour 9 - Satsuma
Now this colour is an interesting one to describe... It's an orange, yet not too much of an orange that it's in-your-face (like the Mango, which is to follow soon). It almost has a pinky-red undertone through it, which warms the tone that little bit more and makes it less vibrant.

Colour 10 - Watermelon
This was the very first Gelly polish I bought, and of course I fell in love with it. It's the perfect shade of teal and you can combine it with anything from purple to blue to green, which is why it makes an amazing shade to wear in a lasting fashion.

Colour 11 - Lychee
Here's one of the three colours that I don't actually own. This one was Rhian's, as I am really not a fan of the shade (I just dislike nude colours, it's nothing personal Lychee!). It's a very sandy-beige colour, most likely great if you want something neutral and shiny! :D

 Colour 12 - Dragon Fruit
This shade, I did not expect to like. It's also one of the three I don't own, and therefore one that Rhian brought with her. As you know, I'm not a pinky person, but this pink? This pink is different! It's a beautiful pastel pink that's just simply perfect, and to top it all off, it has a nice faint shimmer in it that makes it even more superior when catching the light. And it's not even that pastelly either, it's like a bright-pastel... a brastel?

Colour 13 - Greenberry
Unlucky number 13? I think not, this colour is so vibrant, pretty, shiny, amazing, yes, I adore it. It's green, yet slightly blue at the same time, and somehow, reminds me a bit of a colour that would look great in a peacock feather (or other bird, I'm not discriminating the birds!).

Colour 14 - Papaya
Definitely a Summer colour! My colour of the season probably, it's absolutely perfect in so many ways. Papaya is a lovely peachy pink colour, that will make any of your chosen colours in your clothes, jewellery or anything, stand out so much, and will bounce back too so the nails aren't lost in the outfit!

Colour 15 - Key Lime
Okay, this colour does not suit me whatsoever. I only bought it to do my 50 Shades Challenge, and if I didn't have that then I wouldn't have bought it. It's just... not the best shade they've come up with really. Don't get me wrong here, the polish is still beautiful and you may find that it suits you greatly, it's just not to my tastes. It's kind of a musky-green colour, very much like a 'dirty lime' is how I would describe it...

Colour 16 - Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit is also an amazingly wonderful colours, once again despite the fact that I don't like pink. I think this one appeals to me because it's not fully pink, instead it's a mostly-pink with orange hues that make it a little bit different. Perfection! 

Colour 17 - Mango
Now all good things must come to an end, and here is our final colour- Mango! It's a beautiful, fun, vibrant orange colour that is, well, just amazing! It's a very 'golden' orange, so it would do nicely around browns, golds, bronze, red, anything! :D (Another of my fave's)

And that's all for the swatches! Yes, there's no Grapefruit swatch, I apologise now and shall pick up one of those as soon as I see one! 

Have some more image goodness for now:

And of course, as I promised if you made it this far... (I applaud you for making it to here too)
 Barry M Gelly Polishes are *AMAZING* for Water Marbles. Don't ask me why, I don't know the answer, all I know is that they are. The colours stay bright, they don't dry too quickly and, yeah, they're just brill!
Here's a marble I did using "Plum", "Watermelon" and "Blueberry". The colours went so nicely together too, I was quite chuffed with how it went haha :3

And that is all from myself for the night! I hope you're all enjoying being back at work/school/college/uni if you had a Summer Break like myself! :) Bye for now!


  1. I am so paying you to do marbled nails for me, so unbelievably terrible at them!

    1. Hahaha, this is the first time they actually worked so nicely! I swear, the polish makes all the difference, so try the gellies before you pay me :P :)

  2. Omg LOVE all these! I wish we could get Barry M here, they are on the top of my want list! Love to try them :)

    1. Aww, where abouts are you? You should probably/hopefully be able to find somewhere on the Internet that will deliver to you! :)

  3. Wow amazing nails!
    And great review, my favourite is the water melon.

    1. Thank you very much :) I don't think I can pick just one colour, if I go three I'm gonna say... guava, papaya and passion fruit :))

  4. This is a fab guide! I also absolutely love the Gellys, and I would never be able to pick just one favourite. And I'm so jealous of your water marble nails, they're amazing :)
    Also, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out the post at and leave a little comment to confirm your acceptance. Hooray! xx

    1. Thank you very much! I'll go comment on your post ^^ xx

  5. :/ i wish i had so many barry ms!

    great collection


    1. Haha, thank you! I actually have a LOT more, they just aren't Gelly's :P And I'm all saved up to buy their new ones (11 days! Excited!) Eeep! I shall have a swatch & review post up of the new ones the weekend after they come out, so check back!


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