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New Polish and Organisation!

My Nails Inc Lucky Dip came, and wow is it just perfect!
So what happens with their 'Lucky Dip' is that you get 7 polishes at random for £18, and they only do it like once a season or something. When you think that Nails Inc polishes can range from £11-15, this is a damn good deal!
Plus the polishes include new and old ones- it's pretty much whatever they have in their warehouse as far as I understand =)

Crackle Time| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Hai Guys!
Yes, this post is 2 days late... I apologise!
I got distracted by life, pokemon and new nail polish arriving (More on that tonight!)

Textured Gradient| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Hey everyone ^^
As you can probably see, yes, it's Thursday today! Which means I missed a day out of the week, but oh well!
I shall include 2 ideas to help to make up for the loss!

The Pink Ribbon| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Hello again :)
So today was a major fail on the design front... it kind of worked, but not really. In short, I salute all of you who do ribbon designs! They aren't easy to do at all! Anyway, on with the show!
How You Can Raise Awareness Give money to cancer research charities, such as Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, Breakthrough and Marie Curie.
Tuesday's Design- The Pink Ribbon I feel like this is the 'typical' design that people use for supporting a breast cancer cure, featuring the pale pink ribbon.  Let's just say that a dotting tool was soooo not the tool that should be used to draw the ribbon. Won't be making that mistake again! So everybody, my biggest apologies for the mess that is supposed to be a ribbon on my ring finger there. Shan't happen again!

Cute Hearts| Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Serious topic this week, over the next 5 days, I'll be posting 5 different designs each containing a pink feature to try and raise awareness for Breast Cancer. In each post I'll include a tutorial, and a 'how you can raise awareness'.

How You Can Raise Awareness
Today's is so simple, all you have to do is wear a pink ribbon! Wearing the pink ribbon shows that you're supporting Breast Cancer Care, and it doesn't matter how you wear it!

Monday's Design: Cute Hearts!
Today's design is super easy to do, and looks so cute! Plus it's actually the first design I've thought of 100% on my own :D
All you need to complete this design is 3 nail polishes!


Doing a simple post today- a Nail Polish lover's Must Have's!

1) A White Polish
Definitely a must have if you wanna be doing some creative work :)
I haven't found an 'amazing' one yet- but my favourite so far is Barry M's "Matt White" which gives you a decent covering two-coater for a mere £2.99 (from Superdrug, Boots or

How To: Gradient Nails

Gradient nails are a great way to ensure that your mani matches your outfit over a set period of days (depending on how many colours you use), and it also just looks pretty dang awesome.
You've seen a few of my own mani's where gradients have been used (these ones below, in example), especially those in more recent posts! So a tutorial is definitely long overdue- I hope you find it useful!

Meadow and Tree Nails

These nails are definitely one for any time of year- make them spooky for halloween with a dark and red background with creepy spiny black trees, or use icy blues and white colours with a bit of silver shimmer to represent a snowy Winter scene, or even soft pastel blues and a golden sun with lush green grass and fully bloomed trees during the Spring and Summer seasons- it's entirely up to you!
Here's a quick little tutorial on how to do them ^^

Nails of the Day!

Hello! Nice to see you stumbled across my little blog (or welcome back if you've visited here before!)
Today's just a quick little post to show that I'm not neglecting you, I'm just trying to sort some ideas for new posts on top of sixth form, homework, driving lessons, volunteering 2 nights a week, volunteering on Saturdays and still having time to myself ^^; Plus, sixth form have now dropped a bomb on us (not literally), giving us a mere 2 week warning that we have presentations to prepare for our Extended Project Qualification. Busy, busy, busy!
Anyway, on with the post!

Countess: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts

Duchess ('Nude Duchess')Lady ('White Pearl')Princess ('Pink Princess')Majesty ('Gold Majesty')Countess ('Purple Countess')Purple Countess If I had to pick a favourite from this collection, I think this would definitely be it (there's a surprise, right?), with Duchess following in a close second! The dark colour is just perfectly dark and mysterious, which I love in my polishes- but it holds enough sparkle to show a mischievous, feminine side too. The glitter within the polish are small and shimmery gold and purple pieces and bring the polish the autumnal feel that goes with the rest of the collection.
It's absolute perfection- many 100%'s to you my friend!
On this swatch... On this polish's swatch, I've played around with colours and designs a bit! My thumb and pinkie nails are just full-on Countess swatch, with my index and ring fingers a gradient of Duchess and Countess- such a …

Majesty: Barry M Textured Royalty Review

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Posts