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Love/Hate Relationship: Nails Inc Beaded Polish

I'm sure many people out there have an item (or person) that they hate and love at the same time- I know I have several, and this polish is definitely one of them.
This is Nails Inc's Beaded Polish in the shade 'Chancery Lane', and it came in my lucky dip from the other week! :)

Lets go through the positives first, shall we?
So beginning with the obvious, application is pretty damn good considering how lumpy the polish ends up to be!
When you first apply it, you see like a semi-transparent gelly blue with sequins and glitter, but as you go back around your 'nail cycle' (as in painting all your nails once and then going back round in a cycle for your second coat :P) you can see that the formula has thickened on your nails, and is starting to become more blue. Even as you apply your second coat, it still goes on pretty well!
Secondly, the polish does actually look quite nice (well, I think it does anyway) and I had a LOT of people commenting on my nails and asking how I did it- kinda embarrassing/awkward to say "actually... it came straight out of the bottle..." but never mind!

The camera on my phone did definitely not like the sparkles! 

Now this is a kind of 'neutral' point because as much as I do like the overall look of the polish, it is an extremely weird texture- it's not just bumpy, or just sparkly/rough... it's almost as if someone has mixed loads of glitter with a bit of concrete... So strange! I'm not *fond* of the texture, but I can put up with it for the nice look.

Considering disadvantages now... you don't want to use a top coat for polishes like this, do you? I know I don't anyway, I just think that it removes the point of it actually being textured, no matter how much I dislike the texture of it- so anyway, it should be long lasting without a top coat, shouldn't it? Nooo, I went to sleep the night after painting them (they were definitely 100% dry) and then woke up with a huge chunk missing from a nail and then it got progressively worse over the day- it's ridiculous. =( Here's a pic of it:

And finally... WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT THIS WAS TO REMOVE. (Without just chipping it off) Oh My God. Seriously!? I was sat for around 30-40minutes trying to remove this stupid thing completely, using my typical nail polish remover and cotton-balls combo! Never again. Ever ever ever. Maybe as a highlight nail, but no more than one. Gosh. I'm still finding the odd sequin-glitter piece attached to my nail too. Ack.

Anyway, have a few more pictures, and decide for yourself whether you like the polish or not. It's a real shame about the 2 disadvantages because I really, really do love the effect it makes.

The white polish you see here is Barry M's Royal Textured Glitter in 'Lady'

Leave a comment below with what you think of the polish, and any polishes (or items!) that you have a love/hate relationship with!

Much love! M'wah!


  1. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too.
    Do you also follow me on gfc?
    Lovely greets from germany ;-)

    1. Thank you for the follows! Love your blog! :D And I do now haha, I must've missed it when I scrolled past :3

  2. Love it on, but those textures and glitters can be a B.**** to clean off (I don't think that's the right number of stars but It's Friday) Anyway Love it and love the neutral highlight, but damn about the chipping.
    I never bother with base or top coats - maybe I should :/ (naughty blogger) but those things are so 'concrete' you shouldn't need to put one on x

    1. Ooo it really really was >.< I'm so gutted about the chipping, like if it had stayed on for around a week then I wouldn't have minded sitting for a bit trying to get it off, but a chip after as day is just ridiculous :( You should really use at least a base coat though! You're gonna wreck your nails! D: x


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