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The Adventures Before Christmas (2)

Hello again!
There's just a few minutes left til Christmas Day, so here's a super quick updatey post! WOO!
***Includes Nail-y Goodness***

The Adventures Before Christmas (1)

Hello guys!
So it's Christmas in, what... 3 days now? How exciting!
Well, I know that the days running up to Christmas can be a little hectic- they definitely are here, anyway! I thought I'd cover a little of what's been going on in my own little run up- probably in a couple of posts, so here goes nothing.

OPI Liquid Sand "What Wizardry Is This?"

Now this polish has been mentioned a few times around here, very vaguely- but every time I have it on I always have people saying how much they adore it- and it's THE colour for anytime of the year, let me show you why!

So, to start with, OPI's Liquid Sand's are very very very nice textured polishes, usually with a lot of sparkle, shimmer or just general amazingness. The two I currently own myself are "What Wizardry Is This?" which is what's being covered in this post, and one from the Whitney Houston collection called "What's Your Number?" which I can cover if anybody wants it to be :)

The Ten Polishes of Christmas

Why have The Twelve Days, when you can have The Ten Polishes?
Here are quite simply, my top ten polishes to wear at Christmas time! (In no particular order!)

Remember that you can click any image to view a larger version of it! :D
Let's begiiiin! Woo!

Open your purses people! :)

Everybody get your purses at the ready...
My friend, Rachael, has recently had her head shaved to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. It's such an amazingly worthy cause, and she's been so brave to completely shave her head.
So far she's raised over £500 and the money's still coming in- how amazing is that!?

Click here to donate money!

Rachael's doing this because "Everyone has been affected by cancer somehow." She's also not wearing a wig (though she'll have to wear a hat considering the temperatures outside...)
Here's a little before and after:
This is a massive deal for her because she really does love her hair!