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Happy New Year! (Have a quick update~)

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a lovely 2014, and have an even better 2015! 

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, and don't forget to pop back afterwards to see some naily-goodness posts! (I'm kinda on hiatus until after Christmas, but I will return!)

Sending hugs to you all!

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Mermaid Nails!*

*This post contains an item which was supplied by Born Pretty Store in return for an honest review. In this post, the item is "Mermaid Nail Studs"

Hey everyone!
Today I have another review item sent to me by Born Pretty Store- some pretty little mermaid nail studs!

Animal-tastic Nails!*

*This post contains an item which was supplied by Born Pretty Store in return for an honest review. In this post, this item is the "Neon Zebra Print Sticker"

Hello everyone! It's finally my Christmas break- which means no more online assessments or deadlines, and therefore more time to blog. I'm going to go back to the usual 3 posts a week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 
Anyway, today I have another review item from the amazing Born Pretty Store to show you! I was sent a strip of one long neon zebra print sticker. 

Get those Jumpers Out!

Before we fully get started here, I'd like to apologise for missing two of my usual posting slots (Friday and Monday) - things have been a little hectic with Uni work and also with looking for a house to live in next year. Thankfully all is sorted with the house now, so I just have this and a ton of uni work to settle for! And on that note- on with the post!

So it's creeping well into December, it's feeling pretty Wintery outside... what are you waiting for?
Go grab those Christmas jumpers from your wardrobe- or better yet- wear them on your nails!

"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"*

*This post contains items which were supplied by Born Pretty Store in return for an honest review. In this post, these items are the "Frozen Water Decals"

Or would you rather do your nails? Why don't you do both!?
Introducing, these wonderful water decals featuring images from Disney's Frozen!

Mail: It's the Most Sparkly Time of the Year!

Merry December everyone! You know what that means... You can't complain at the mention of Christmas anymore! Go on, get the tree up, and all the glitter out- you know you want to ;)

To kick off the December spirit, I cracked open some of my new things (see yesterday's post!), and got sparkly! Also, don't forget that you can click any images to enlarge them!

"Where did all my money go!?"

What's this- an extra post!? I told you it would happen!

Before we get started, please note that other titles for this post were considered, including "Bye bye student loan", "Nails over Food" and also "Oh poo, now I'm skint"

So basically, one night...I went shopping. I have only one regret, and that is how much money I spent! In total, I got 6 parcels within 2 or 3 weeks, consisting of 19 polishes, 1 "Bling it On" kit, 1 set of nail strips, 1 eyeshadow palette, 7 stamping plates, 1 nail-studs wheel, 1 pack of nail stickers, 6 packs of water decals, 1 (tiny) pack of nail-studs and finally, 2 rolls of nail foils!

Fridail: Glossybox No. 3!

Hey everyone!
Well this is the first 'proper' post there's been in just over a week! Where did the time go?

Anyway, today I have my third Glossybox to share with you! This month's was a bit of an odd one I think, all of the items seemed to be quite small (which is fine cause quality over quantity of course!), but they also just seemed a little random. Let's dive in!

Life, Feedback and Plan of Action...

Hello dearies! :)

So, as you are probably aware, the giveaway has now ended, and the winners announced- so congrats to those two! The giveaway helped to collect lots of feedback on the site, including the things you guys like most, and those which you'd like to see- so thanks everyone for doing that!

Wail: OMG Nail Strips!*

*This post contains items which were supplied for review. In this post, these items are "OMG Nail Strips"

Hey everyone!
Today I have some super cool 'nail polish strips' to show you by in the designs "Love me" and "Rain Storm".

They come in a little cardboard fold-around in a plastic pack of 14 nail strips (that's individual nail strips), and each one has a little measurement on it so you can measure your nail and find which will fit best without trying to scrunch it around your nail before hand. There are some application instructions on the back of the pack too, so there's no need to go hunting them out! Plus, I made a tutorial for you guys anyway!

First of all, here's a pic of my first attempt a these nail strips- I used the design "Love me" here, and a 'nail girls' topcoat.

Mail: Nicole by OPI "I'm a Pool for Love"

Happy Monday everyone! Just a quick warning here that I'm listening to Christmas songs whilst writing this post, so there may be the odd random Christmas word in there...

Anyway! Today's post is looking at a polish I bought the other week- "I'm a Pool for Love"!
I love OPI's and Nicole by OPI's polish names with their play on words. As you may have guessed, "I'm a Pool for Love" is a blue based polish, though it's darker than you may have thought of. It's more like the colour of those mystical pools you see where fairies are drawn and stuff. :)

Into the Make-Up World... Part 2!

Hello everyone!
Today we're stepping back into my make-up stash, and finishing off by showing you my lovely lip products! I actually do own a few more than this, but they're at home, so here's the ones I have with me!

Left to Right (back row, lipsticks): MaxFactor Colour Elixir "Mulberry"; MaxFactor Colour Elixir "Ruby Tuesday"; Maybelline Color Sensational "Galactic Mauve"; Maybelline Color Sensational "Midnight Plum"; Rimmel Kate "19"; Rimmel Moisture Renew "Heather Shimmer"; Bare Minerals Moxie "Light It Up" In front- Rimmel Apocalips in "Galaxy", Bare Minerals Lip Liner in "Energized"

Into the Make-Up World... Part 1

Helloooo everyone! I hope you're all well, and have entered the giveaway (or are at least considering it!)
For today's post, we're going to follow Alice's example from when she fell into the rabbit hole, and go on a little exploration journey... of my collection of make-up items that made it to Uni with me. Exciting, right!?

1.5 Year Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!
As you may, or may not, have seen, it was Nail Parade's official 1.5 Year Blogiversary on Wednesday! So to celebrate, you're getting the chance to win a whole load of naily goodness.

Giveaway Prize Info!

You heard it- I'm having another Giveaway! And this time... it's a lot bigger!

There are two prizes up for grabs this time round- yes, two! One of them is a 'full' prize to celebrate a year of blogging, whilst the other is a 'half' prize, to add up for that extra 6 months.
(Please note that prizes have been ordered but not all have been received as of 9th Nov. As soon as they arrive I will update this post and add images!)

Fridail: Barry M "Rockstar"

Hey everyone! Today I gave another of Barry M's Glitterati polishes- you know, the ones that are super duper sparkly! It's also the last post with my nails as this shape for a while, since I snapped my pinkie nail and had to trim them all down. Sad times! :(


Oh my days, what is this day!?
It's... One year... and 6 months since Nail Parade began? Really? Wow, time has flown!

As I miraculously missed the one year blogiversary back in May, it just seems right to make a huge celebration of this and reminisce back on some older posts. So let's go and travel through this super cheesy post and...

(Yes, the Dr. Who gifs have been released... It is a special occasion, after all)

Mail: OPI Russian Navy Swatch!

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a nice week off if you were off-school or work for the half term! And also a nice week off from reading my ramblings over here!
Today I'm kicking off November's posts with one of my favourite OPI's ever. Say hello to "Russian Navy"!

My Claws are on Fire!

Hey everyone, hope you had a lovely week!

Today's post was technically supposed to be up yesterday, but I was too tired on Thursday night and my Friday's are busy busy (plus, I got ill around lunchtime, so I ended up spending half the day in bed...) Anyway, the post is here now so none of that matters :)

Today I'm going to share with you a stunning red polish and a teensy bit of nail art too. So first of all, the polish...
Meet Models Own's Diamond Luxe "Heart Red" and my freshly shaped stiletto/claw nails!

Wail: Ciate Knickerbockerglory!

Hey everyone!
Hope you're all having a decent week so far- only a couple of days til the weekend!

I mentioned this polish to you last Friday, as it came in my October Glossybox! (Though I was disappointed at the fact that it was pink...)

Mail: Barry M Glitterati "Fashion Icon"

Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Today I have another Glitterati polish to share with you, and honestly, I haven't even tried them all properly yet... but I think this one may be my favourite!
Introducing... Fashion Icon!

Glossybox Pop Art Edition!

Hi! I'm so excited for this post, you lot literally have no idea...

This month's Glossybox was so good!!!

The theme was "pop art" and came in this adorable box. I'm seriously just going to keep all the boxes that everything's sent in because they are b-e-a-utiful!

Wail: Models Own "Carat Coral"

Hey everyone!
Happy Wednesday- hope the week has been kind to you so far!

Today I have a brighter polish to show you than the last couple which I've shown. Behold, Models Own's "Carat Coral" from their Diamond Luxe collection!

Mail: Barry M Gelly "Chai"

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a good weekend, and are taking Monday in your stride!

Today I have a swatch of a polish that I was unsure of when I bought it. I thought it would be a really dull colour to have on nails, and I prefer much brighter colours. However, I really like this colour! And the colour I'm talking about, is of course, a Barry M Gelly polish! This shade is part of their Autumn 2014 release, and is called "Chai".

And the winner is...

Hey everyone!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

I drew the giveaway winner earlier today... And the winner is....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fridail: More Carrie Underwood Polish!

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the slightly delayed post, I decided to finish my book instead of write a post last night. (Priorities!)

So today I have 2 more Nicole by OPI polishes from Carrie Underwood's collection. Remember "American as Apple Pie"? Of course you do!

Such a lush polish! Well, I went and bought 2 more from her collection when I had my mega-haul the other weekend. I picked out "Fisher Queen" which is this stunning purple colour you're about to see, and also "Carrie'd Away" which I thought would be a pretty delicate super-fine gold glitter. 

Wail: Barry M "Forest"

Hello everyone!
Happy Wednesday- you're halfway to the weekend! Yay!

So today, I have a swatch of a new-ish Barry M polish for you! This is one of the ones I bought in my frenzy the other week, and I'm so glad I chose it. I was humming and harring over it at first because I'm not such a fan of the other Silk polish I have- Meadow. But this one- Forest- is just so much nicer. I think it's the deeper, darker colour that I like more. Meadow was just... not for me.

All images are using 2 coats of polish.

Liebster award!

Hey everyone! I mentioned briefly yesterday that I was nominated for a Liebster Award! Well, this is thanks to Emily from Nailsxo and also Emily from Nails Must Be Painted! I adore their blogs, so make sure you check them out!

Mail: Models Own "Asscher Blue"

Hey guys!
Sorry the post's a bit late- life is just so distracting!

Anyway, today I have one of the polishes I bought last weekend to show you! And a cool new technique I just learnt thanks to Nailsxo! :)

Today's polish is... Models Own's Diamond Luxe "Asscher Blue"

Fridail: Barry M Glitterati 'Catwalk Queen'

Please excuse me while I go and die of Fresher's Flu for a moment. *coughs*

Just kidding... A cough, sore throat and mega killing headache won't get rid of me that easily! :)
Today I'm bringing you a polish that I bought on Wednesday, but wanted to buy at the weekend. I actually got 2 polishes on Wednesday (oh dear, I really need to stop).

Left is "VIP" and right is "Catwalk Queen" which I'll be showing you all today! The "Glitterati"polishes are brand new to Barry M as of last Wednesday (24th September) and came out in a sparkling total of 6 shades, ranging from pink to a dark multi-glitter-explosion. 
However, Catwalk Queen is the perfect shade for all your mermaid-y people, applying as a beautiful light green-blue shimmertastic shade. 

Before I throw more images at you, I want to stress that these are all of Catwalk Queen and that one polish only. The colouring looks slightly different in each one because of how much lighting was…

Wail: Barry M Persian Swatch!

Hey everyone!
Hope you're all having a good week, and happy October! :O Wow, September's flown past...

Today I'm bringing you a swatch of one of the pretty polishes I picked up at the weekend. I chose to swatch this one first because I couldn't find a swatch of it at the time... Though now I have been beaten to it. But never mind- here it is anyway! :)

Ah, Persian! What a beautiful duo/multi-chrome polish! Barry M have done it again, and made a beautiful addition to their Aquarium collection.

This "multi-chrome" polish, as they're generally known in nail-polish World, runs through quite a broad spectrum of colours, skipping through a brown-bronze-gold shade, a lilac, a purple and a shade that can only be described as purple-blue. Seriously, the range on this polish is unbelievable! 
I was actually sat in a lecture today just tilting my nails in different ways to explore the colours in them (the lecture was dull and the theatre had pretty darn good lightin…

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Alpha & Omega 0.5-1

Hey everyone!
Welcome to a super quick, super awesome "Blogger's Bookshelf" post!
Today I'm going to share with you yet another Patricia Briggs series- the Alpha and Omega series! These books are like a little side-series to the Mercy Thompson novels, but you can read them separately if that's what you wanna do!

The series kicks off with a little 3-chapter story introducing Anna into the world of Mercy. It's an amazing, fast-paced novel that really kicks off the series and grabs your attention. It comes a part of an anthology known as "on the prowl" and is just amazing. If you have already read the Mercy books, then you'll recognise some characters, such as Charles (Samuel's brother) and the Marrok having a more dominant part in the book. As I said, it really is a great introduction to the series, so make sure you don't miss it out!

"Cry Wolf" is the second book in the series, and introduces the whole "Omega" concept …


Hi everyone!
Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday, (yes, a post on a Tuesday!), and have entered the giveaway already... If not you still have 11 days, so don't worry!

Anyway, I had a little walk into Manchester city centre on Saturday, and managed to stumble my way into a couple of shops. Actually... literally a couple of shops. I went into two shops. And bought a decent amount of stuff.. For approximately £98... (Thankfully I have a student loan- yay!)
Here's a run-down of what I bought...

My first stop then, was in Superdrug in the Arndale centre, where I entered with the intention of leaving with all the new Barry M polishes. Well, they didn't have them out. But they had the new Models Own Diamond Luxe polishes all laid out looking spectacular, so I grabbed a few... Ahem... Six. I grabbed six. From left to right these are: Heart Red, Asscher Blue, Oval Plum, Carat Coral, Emerald Green and Purple Pear. These cost £5 each, but Superdrug had a "Buy One Get …