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Pin Marble!

Hello hello hello!
Nice to see you here, guess you wanna know about Pin Marbling, huh? :P

As a simple opening description, I'm gonna say that a pin marble is pretty much a water marble... without all the mess all the way up your fingers! :)
(Don't know what water marble is? Check *this post*

And, as always, have a few pictures before I talk you through a couple of super easy steps!

Christmas Make-up Haul!

Hellooooo! FINALLY! Finally I've gotten round to doing this post. Wowzers, where did all the time go? What even happened to the school holidays!?
I've been back at school 2 days while I type this and gawd, I am stressing to pieces already- with 2 exams down and 2 left to go. (A lot of 2's here...)
Anyway, I hope you had a good Christmas and an amazing New Year, and got loaaads of amazing gifts!