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Models Own Beetlejuice Pinky Brown!

It's Friday! YAY! That means, it's a nail post day! =)
Say hello to my new friend: Models Own's "Pinky Brown" from their Beetlejuice Collection. This polish amused me greatly- in some lights it reflected pink, and in others, brown! Who would've guessed it from the amazingly inventive name? 

Models Own Hedkandi Hedonist!

Hello there =)
Life's been all busy-busy, so I therefore haven't had much time to change my nails or blog. But it's the school holidays now, so I think I can spare a few hours of homework/catch-up time to catch up with all you lovely folk!
My Models Own order came about a week ago, and daaaang, I'm so impressed! My friend tried her green Gel one, and I must say, it is absolutely stunning! More to follow on that when I try my blue one! For myself, I got the Blue Glint gel, Beetlejuice Pinky-Brown, Beetlejuice Purple-Blue and Hedkandi Hedonist! Ultimately, I was planning on getting the red gel, but it had sold out literally about a minute before we went to buy it, so I'm keeping an eye out in the shops because I just NEED it in my life.
I also went and purchased one of the Barry M new Silk polishes (I got Meadow, the pastel green), so there'll be more to come on that soon too!

My first review is going to be of Hedonist, out of the Hedkandi range. This colour appe…

I am... a Blogger!

Hello hello!
Welcome to a new 'series' of the blog, if you can call it that.
Here I'm going to post a new title every week (or replace a nail post one, if I don't have time and such) so you always have something to read (if you want to ^^) and it gives me a chance to share the things I really care about as well as give you a bit more of an idea of who I am as a person.

So for my first topic, I'm just gonna talk about being a blogger, how it came about and how it's going.
First thing's first them- I'm a nail blogger- and my nail polish obsession didn't really begin til just over a year ago and I would go into Superdrug at least once a week and pretty much always exit the store with a nail polish of some variety. (Goodbye life savings...)
Then we were in school one day and me and one of my besties were joking about making a blog together, and we decided on doing Sister blogs, so they could be separate but still joint together. So we did! We made blogs…

Happy Year of the Horse!

Well hello there! And a big Happy Chinese New Year to you all for yesterday!
So, it's the year of the Wood Horse- sounds good to me!
I did a bit of a nail art design to celebrate too, and for a change (and the first time...) I free-handed it, using my nail art brushes!