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A Blogger's Bookshelf: eBook Vs. Book-Book!

First of all, I'd like to take a quick moment of this post to thank you all, because views in the past 4 days or so have been pretty dang high! So let's keep them that way!
This is the first of a new series- "A Blogger's Bookshelf"- where, you guessed it, I'm going to go here and blab on and on about books, and probably anything related to them that I just feel the need to spill out!
To kick it off, I'm gonna attempt to tackle what seems to have become a very sensitive debate...

The eBook vs. the Paperback

I'm even going to try and be unbiased! Although, saying that, every time I refer to an 'eBook' here, I'm most likely mentioning it in a Kindle point-of-view, simply because they're the most popular eReader, and it's the only kind I've ever owned. So, let's just change the title here....

Kindle vs. Paperback

There, isn't that better? So, let's get on with it, shall we? :)
(Also please note that when I say Paperback, I just generally mean a paper-book, but couldn't quite settle on what to call it!)

Round 1: Initial Costs
Winner: Paperback
Starting with costs, I'd like to point out that yes, there is an obvious difference in initial prices. A book generally costs you £5-10 and that's it for the rest of its lifetime, depending on if it's paperback or hardback, and also assuming that you're buying it new- whereas a Kindle Paperwhite (and most other eReaders) cost from £100 a piece + whatever accessories you wanna buy for it. So, here, obviously the book wins.... For now.

Round 2: Book Costs
Winner: Kindle/eBook
This is where the variation with eBooks drifts into play. The different eReaders are linked with different companies, and different stores, therefore each book's price will differ with each- just like visiting physical book stores, I guess. But as I said earlier, I'm sticking with my Kindle knowledge. The Amazon Kindle store, is simply amazing... Seriously- you can find all of the old classics (such as Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, Dracula etc.) for free (yes... FREE!) plus a lot of books for under £1, and even more recent books for free (just keep an eye out around Amazon). It's like being in a Bargain Bookstore... At any time of the day! So, in conclusion here, instead of paying £5-10 per book, the Kindle (and other eReaders...) quickly pays for itself with the amount of free and extremely cheap books available for download.

Round 3: Damage Issues
Winner: Paperback
I think the winner here is pretty obvious. You aren't going to break a few sheets of paper when you drop it, are you? (I say a few pieces of paper whilst looking at a Game of Thrones sat in the corner still unread...) Though, it's quite possible you may hurt yourself if you drop it on, let's say for sake of example, your face... *winces* There's also that issue of when you're just chilling in the bath and then poof- away slips your book! You just simply panic for a second, fish it out, and then pop it on the radiator to dry out again, crossing your fingers that the ink hasn't smudged- drop an eReader in there though and it would probably be doomed. Bye bye mr Kindle :(

Round 4: Look & Feel
Winner: Kindle
For this round, I decided that I really can't comment on other eReaders, cause they could feel completely different. But I absolutely adore the feel of my kindle. It's so light, no matter what book you're reading (stares at Game of Thrones again), so it's not going to make your wrist hurt after so long and seems to make you less likely to drop it. (Or at least it does for clumsy 'lil me.) It also looks amazing too- the eInk makes you feel like you're reading an actual book and sometimes... Just sometimes... It's even better cause you don't have the "omg, the sun's so bright it's reflecting on the pages and burning my eyes." And it also means you can read for long periods of time since there's no LED straining your eyes (though I guess that depends on your eyesight too... *wiggles glasses*). Some of them even have a built-in backlight (such as the Kindle Paperwhite *strokes nearby Kindle*), so you can read in the dark without disturbing anybody with the light. It's just... Amazing. <3
Though, I must say, that feeling of the paperback book on your fingertips as you turn the page is definitely one of the most amazing feelings anybody could ever wish for. 

Round 5: Practicality
Winner: Kindle/eBook
Let's add in a little scenario for this one. Imagine: You're just about to go on holiday to, let's say... Spain! Everybody likes Spain! And while you're chilling by the poolside in the nice warm sun (cue English rain outside...), you'd like a nice book to read. But you'll probably finish that book within a day, so you'll need to take more than one... Maybe even a whole series of books will need to be packed!? And then suddenly, you're out of space for all the essentials- like clothes, and toiletries. Whatever will you do next? Fret about before settling on a maximum of two books? 
Yet, on the other hand... *drops Kindle into hand luggage* Book problem? What book problem? I'll see you in Spain!
There's also the practicality of every-day use for eReaders as it is so easy to slip an eReader into your bag for those long commutes (and also the apps you can get for smartphones which run alongside them). And hey- no more carrying heavy books in your handbag! (looks at Game of Thrones again)
Of course, we can't forget how easy it is to buy a book on an eReader. Goodbye, outdoors!

Round 6: Smell
Winner: Paperback
I decided to leave the, erm... strange, round til last. Though, it is the most obvious round. My Kindle doesn't smell of anything! Yet, absolutely nothing beats the smell of a new book, or a bookstore for that matter. I could literally just smell them all day (I swear it isn't addictive though!)

So there we have it. Those are my 6 rounds of arguments in the big eBook vs Paper-book debate! And the conclusion here is...

It's a TIE!

...I couldn't resist...
What are your thoughts on the popular debate, anyway? (Don't worry about offending me either- I'm both a book-lover and a kindle-lover, as I'm sure you gathered from the above ^^) 
I can't wait to see your comments, and I shall see you all on Wednesday for a post on Barry M's new Aquarium Metallic Polishes, which if I may just say in advance, are absolutely beautiful! 
Thanks for reading, Soldiers! O7

(And a giant PS here! This was my 100th Post on the blog- eeeeep! Let's celebrate with... Matt Smith!)

(And a PPS: I'm currently reading my Biology textbook, for those of you who may be wondering why the Goodreads widget it blank... I'm also trying to decide on an actual book to read (so much choice!) so do bear with!)


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