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A Night at the Oscars...

Hello everyone! 
Well, it's been quite a long time since I've written... (again!)- Life just keeps catching up with me unfortunately!


As you all probably know, it was the Oscar Awards last Sunday, and wow- what a mixture of outfits, nails and surprises (I bet that pizza delivery guy had an awesome time!)

From this moment on, we're all going to act as if we were there- deal? Lemme just go find my frock...

Okay, I'm ready!
Shall we start with the less surprising facts of the Oscars then? Such as...
Jennifer Lawrence falling over... 
(But you know, she just seems so lovely and so much like every non-famous person that I just love her to pieces!)

Frozen winning an oscar... Or two... (It was bound to happen!)
And of course, the return of the amazing Manicam!
Now let's more onto the fashion aspects of the night, going through my personal opinions on "best dressed" and "worst dressed"- Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

A Couple of the Best Dressed...

Tara Lipinski looking gorgeous here! (image credit to
Tara Lipinski looks amazing in this beautiful off-white dress, highlighted with a lovely floral pattern in metallic thread. 

Sandra Bullock (image credited to
Sandra Bullock looks amazing in this navy blue gown- though I'm glad she's wearing it and not me, I'd totally end up tripping over!

And a couple of the Worst Dressed... (In my opinion! Feel free to disagree! ^^)
Liza Minnelli (image credited to
Now, Liza Liza Liza... I'm not even sure what to say about this, apart from... the colour is nice!

Cate Blanchett (image credited to
I have a feeling I would definitely like this dress if it didn't have all of the weird things hanging from it... What even are they? *tries to look closer*

To wrap this part of the post up, I'm gonna pop a couple of the best images of the night here- including Ellen's super-famous record-breaking selfie!

And now... in the second part of this post... Let's talk NAILS!

The Best Mani's of the 2014 Oscars!
Personally, I tend to find that no mani is a bad mani! And wow, the Oscars has definitely supported me on that! 
There was a very good range of colours and designs- from pastels to burgundies, plain colours to nail art to french manis! Definitely a great place to take inspiration from!

My personal favourites include: 
Kelly Osbourne's Mani (image credited to
A classic french mani with a twist of gold tips- such a beautiful and sophisticated sense of style to match Kelly's gorgeous outfit!

Maria Menounos' Mani (image credited to
This nail art is simple, yet stunningly effective as the colours compliment each other so well! Possibly the best mani of the whole night!

Jennifer Garner's Mani (image credited to
An amazing classy yet simple mani- this typical red mani compliments Jennifer's dress choice and make up so well, yet doesn't draw too much attention away from the other features!

How to get your very own Oscar-ready nails:
(We were totally there- remember?)

Thumb: Rimmel London- Azure (198) - £2.99 at Superdrug/Boots
Left to Right: Essie- Trophy Wife - £7.99 at Superdrug/Boots
Barry M Gelly Guava- £3.99 at Superdrug/Boots
Barry M Gelly Greenberry- £3.99 at Superdrug/Boots
Barry M Silk- Meadow- £3.99 at Superdrug/Boots
Glitter Polish: Barry M Diamond Glitter- £2.99 at Superdrug/Boots

1. Clean and prepped nails- as always!
2. Go grab your favourite colour! (Or collection of colours!) I've gone with 5 blue-greens and arranged them from dark to light on one hand, and light to dark on the other! What colour(s) are you going with?
3. A bit of sparkle is always a good thing (until you come to remove it, but pfft, we'll figure that part out later!) Here I went for a gradient, but glitter highlight nails are equally as awesome for those sophisticated events.
4. Top coat! (Even *after* a glitter top coat- it helps to keep it nice and perfect during your big night)
5. Match your outfit around your nails! Never the other way around ;)

Oh, you wanted more pics? Sure!

Another way to get amazing Oscar-ready nails is to check out
Julep's Nail Polishes!
They have a huge range of polishes and the colours are absolutely stunning, so definitely check them out! :)

I hope you enjoyed being a part of the Oscars today! I look forward to seeing you there next year, and in the mean time, dazzling everybody with your Oscar-ready nails :P
Don't forget to leave a comment on your favourite moments/outfits/manis at the Oscars!

See you soon!
~Rachel xxx

The idea for this blog post was sent to me by Abbey, from Julep- thanks Abbey!


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