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Fridail: American as Apple Pie!

Hi there! Welcome to the "Fridail" post! Though yes, it is Saturday today...
Things have been rather busy this week, so apologies for the lateness, but it was well worth it I promise!
Today I bring to you a new red polish, and it is definitely at the top of my list of all-time polishes! So which polish is it?
It's a Nicole by OPI polish, from the Carrie Underwood collection, and it's called...

American as Apple Pie

Dang, it's making me hungry! What an adorable name though, I love it!

The first point I'm going to make here, is how many coats it takes to get this awesome, vibrant coverage. Any guesses...?

I'm just gonna tell you now. ONE. It takes ONE average-thickness coat to get that bright of a colour. I was seriously so impressed! Seriously, just look at it!

These pics are only with one layer of top coat as well, and just look how shiny they turned out! I'm definitely in love with it! <3
Plus, I took all of these pictures after wearing it for at least 3 days, and during that time they've been washing up, shooting people at Laser Quest, an exam and many hours of calculator-tapping and schoolwork-writing. And I can't see any chips! Amazing. Love it. Best. Red. Ever.

Now I just have to save up some money to get some more from the collection, hehe!
This polish was £7.99 from Superdrug
(And so totally worth it!)

Removal was also super easy. I used a normal nail polish remover and some cotton wool balls, and it came off like a dream in under 5 minutes. No harsh scrubbing necessary! Plus, it didn't stain- which I understand is generally an issue with bright reds, so all the more reason to buy it!

Will you be buying this polish? Let me know in the comments!
See you next week!

Coming Up Next Week....
Monday: A Blogger's Bookshelf: Black Beauty (Currently Reading)
Wednesday: Wail: Party Nails!
Friday: Fridail: OPI Brazil Liquid Sands Part 1


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