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Wail: Models Own Hypergel "Blue Glint"

Hello hello, good day to you! :)
Welcome to the first ever on-purpose Wednesday Nail post! Freshly nicknamed as... The Wail!

Today's Wail features Models Own's Hypergel in the shade "Blue Glint"!
For those of you who don't know, the Hypergel polishes are fairly new polishes by Models Own, being released in February 2014, and they're polishes which produce a 'Gel' effect... Without the use of UV lamps. (Kinda similar to the Barry M Gelly's, but we'll get onto that in a sec)

The colour I went for initially was Red Lustre but I lucked out by a couple of minutes and it had sold out on the Models Own site just before I went to buy it. *sniffles*
So, instead, I went for the blue, cause you can never have too many blues!

The polish itself is absolutely amazing, and is pretty opaque with just one coat, though in these pictures I used two just to make sure that it was spread evenly and had no light patches.

As you can see in the images, the polish really does give an amazingly gel-like finish as it appears to expand on your nails into a puffy, full finish.

The colour is awesomely vibrant and eye-catching, which is always a bonus in my eyes! I love eye-catching polishes! And look at that texture! So smooth, so rich, so... perfect!

As for how long it lasts, I would say it did pretty well! The first time I wore it, I forgot to put a top-coat on, so it had chipped after just under 24 hours. This time, with my trust Nails Inc speed-dry topcoat, it lasted a lot longer. I must've had it on for around 5 days at the most without any obvious chips, apart from the odd wear-and-tear patch like you can see above. (I took these pics around Day 3 I think...)

In conclusion then... Dare I say it? I think...
I think I like these more than Barry M Gelly's... (And I really love those!)
The whole process just seemed a lot smoother and quicker than with the Barry M's which sometimes go kinda patchy anyway. And the Models Own brush is a lot wider/thicker, so spreads the polish a bit quicker than trying to paint a big fat thumb nail with a teeny Barry M skinny brush.
As for colours, however, both Models Own and Barry M have a very good variety, but each brand has very different collection-colours. Barry M's have their very pastel fruity colours, with a few darker colours and a few bright colours, whilst Models Own seem to have twisted that and gone with a more vibrant set of colours, with a few slightly more pastel colours. Either way, both collections are amazing, and I don't think I could recommend one of them without recommending the other at the same time.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, and I shall see you all on Friday for the Fridail post, which slightly ironically, is featuring two Barry M Gelly polishes!
Thanks for reading!


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