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Fridail: Maybelline Ocean Blue!

Happy Friday everybody! :)

Today I bring to you a polish that I've had for ages, yet hadn't tried! (I'm sure we all have a big list of those somewhere...) Introducing...
Maybelline Color Show in the shade "Ocean Blue!'

Wail: Distressed Nail Art!

Happy Wednesday!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter and long weekend!

Today, I'm going to be covering my own little version of a tutorial I found the other day, on Distressed Nail Art.

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Allegiant Part 1!

Hey guys!
Welcome to the first part of the Allegiant review!
The only reason this has been split into parts is because I've done a fair bit of work this week and haven't been reading so much, I think I'm on Chapter 19 or something (out of like, 50 I think...)

Fridail: Radiant Orchid- Colour of the Year!

Hey there!
Happy Easter everybody! :)
So, for those of you who didn't know already, there's a whole "Colour of the Year" thing that Pantone release each year. (Personally, I had no idea what so ever!)
Last year, this colour was Emerald, which I am genuinely gutted that I missed out on- I love green!
This year's colour is on the other end of the spectrum, and goes by the  name "Radiant Orchid" which is a kind of pinky-purple floral tone.

Wail: Easter Nails!

Happy Wednesday! :) So, it's Easter this weekend, and the weather's been pretty lovely up here so I thought I'd share some bright and colourful nails with you all! Plus, I bought some new batteries the other day and my camera seems to like them so far, so I have better pictures for you all again- yay!

I'm also afraid that my nails are looking a little bit shabby- they'd been worn for about 5 days when I photographed them (I didn't plan on doing a post of them to be honest!), so my apologies for that!

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Insurgent

Happy Monday!
You know, considering this whole no-school for two weeks thing, I am shattered! But I finished the second book of the Divergent series!
Just wow. What did I just read!?

Fridail: OPI Beach Sandies!

Happy Wednesday Friday everybody!
Where did the time go!?
Anyway, we'll dive straight in with the post! I apologise in advance for the iPhone-quality of images, I'm still looking for some batteries that my camera won't complain about.
Today I'm covering OPI's Beach Sandies from the Brazil collection, which is a little quartet of mini liquid sand polishes. Can I just say here, if anyone high up in the chain of OPI reads this (which is unlikely, but if you do then HI!), please please pleeeeease make these in full-sized bottles? Please!
So... This is the box, and the four that you get (I swatched super quickly over each, so do excuse that)

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Divergent

Happy Monday!
Feel free to skip past the next bit of text, it's just me blabbing about my weekend. (Which was pretty crap...)

What a darn weekend it's been! Thursday night my camera decided that it doesn't like the new batteries I put in it- apparently it's a common problem, and I'm still trying out other batteries to fix it, so you're stuck with iPhone images again for a little while...
Then on Friday, we finished school for two weeks for the Easter "holidays" (aka, 2 weeks where we have to do just as much work, but at home and not at school...), so I was in such a good mood that I made a random decision to gallop like Miranda across a road...
For those of you who don't know what that looks like:

Wail: Party Nails!

Hey there!
Welcome to Wednesday's Nail-a-riffic post! (New word- like it?)
So, it was one of my best friend's 18th birthday on Monday, and she had a party on Saturday (fun times!) You know what that means? Well, a coordinated manicure of course! Since it was a party, I felt that I had to follow a rule... SPARKLES! I love sparkles!

I was wearing this little number that I got from New Look some time last year along with some gold jewellery, and so I went with green and gold mani to match nicely.