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Wail: Introducing Emily!

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the half term if you're off school or off work!
Today I'm going to introduce you to Emily, who appears to be a bit of a bargain hunter- but I'll let you see that for yourselves...

To All Ma Peeps: Much Love!

So, I 'officially' left school on Friday, despite having another 12 exams to go, plus prom and a few other little events. But still, since we've now all "left" school, I wanted to say a few words to everyone who has entered (or stayed) in my life over the past 2 years. I'd just write it in a big group message, but I feel like it's a bigger gesture if I share it with the whole World, so here I am!

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Introducing Dani!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful bank holiday Monday!
Today I've brought you one of my real-life friends from sixth form, Dani, who is also a vlogger on YouTube! You'll find a link to her channel near the bottom of the post, so make sure to go and subscribe to her when you've read this post. I'll hand you right over!

Fridail: "Let Me Make You Gelish!"

Hi everyone! Today's Friday-nail post brings another guest poster to your screens!
My guest today is Michelle, who works in a nail salon! You can follow her on twitter but for now, I present to you her blogging debut, right here on Nail Parade.
Over to you, Michelle:

Wail: Introducing Vicky!

Today's "Wail" brings another guest post to your eyes while I run off to do some maths in preparation for tomorrow's exam! It's a wonderful idea and creation brought to you by Vicky, but I'll let her introduce herself right here...

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Introducing Katie!

Happy Monday everyone! :) Since today marks the beginning of exam-week number 1, I bring to you a guest poster from the awesome blog: Katie's Lost and Found which shares some pretty awesome mani's as well as some nice little lifestyle posts so make sure you go and check it out!
Katie's here doing a book post for me today, which I'm sure you will all love, I know I did!
I'll hand you right over...


Wow, life's been busy haha.
Here's a quick run through of all the recent going on's and what's going to be happening very very soon :)

I had an amazingly good week the other week, I found out that I got onto a Young Leaders programme, got accepted into a Uni in California and also passed my driving test! And of course bought some celebratory nail polishes to commend the occasions...
(From Barry M's new Gelly's release, of course)

Fridail: Revlon Sun Candy 'Lava Flame'

Happy Friday everyone! (TGIF!) Today I bring you the last of the Sun Candy polishes that I own- Lava Flame!

Wail: Revlon Sun Candy 'Shimmering Sunset'

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I bring to you the second post covering Revlon's Sun Candy collection! Today's polish is the beautiful vibrant pink colour, Shimmering Sunset!

Update time!

Hey everyone!
So, I still haven't finished Allegiant, which I've been reading like, forever, now. (Seriously! Way too long!). As soon as I sit down to read it I remember something else I have to do and forget about it. But! The end is so close I can smell it (almost). My Kindle's telling me 2 hours worth of reading left, and that includes some little bonus features too, so I shall hopefully be finished soon! As soon as it's done though there will be a "Bloggers Bookshelf" post all about it, because so much has happened!
(Hopefully this will be out for you all to read on Saturday)

Fridail: Revlon Sun Candy- "Sun Shower"

Happy Friday Everyone! Do you remember, about 2 years ago Revlon released a pretty awesome collection of polishes called "Moon Candy"? Those were a creme-gel formula on one side, with a flakey glitter in a similar shade on the other side. Well, Revlon have released a bit of a counter-moon candy... Introducing... Sun Candy!

Wail: Models Own 'Polish for Tans' Beach Bag!

Hey there! So welcome to Wednesday's nail post! (Yes, it's Thursday, but let's not dwell on that too much...)
Today I have a new polish for you that was released about 2 weeks ago I think, by our good friends Models Own! Models Own generally have amazing polishes with amazing formulas and cool effects and these were definitely no exception!
There are 5 shades in this collection, but I've only been able to grab one so far unfortunately... The shades are as follows: Flip Flop- a neon lime green Bikini- a neon lemon yellow Shades- a slightly coral-toned neon pink Sun Hat- a neon 'barbie' pink And finally, Beach Bag- a neon orange/peach tone, which I bring to you today!