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A Blogger's Bookshelf: The Fault In Our Stars...

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Welcome to the weekly "Blogger's Bookshelf" posts. Today, you get a post from me, (Yippeeee!), and I'll be covering 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green.

First of all, I would like to say that if you haven't read this, you have to go and pick up a copy right now. Right-right now. Even if you plan to 'just watch the movie'. No. Go and read the book first. Trust me, you need the preparation for this roller-coaster of emotion!
I've avoided all of the spoilers that I was oh-so-tempted to put in here, so don't worry about that either. Let me know what you think though!

So, onto the book, it's pretty much a step into Hazel's life. She's a young cancer sufferer who has to rely on an oxygen tank to get around... But if you know anything about the book at all, it was probably that. Well, Mr. John Green has pretty much wrapped up life in a bundle of letters that carry you through time in the life of Hazel. From the adorable fun chapters that take you through her and Augustus' love story, to the more serious chapters that make you contemplate your own life and even shed a few tears, you will definitely enjoy the ride this book provides you with.

I feel like the book is almost a guidebook to growing up- it's all about learning with Hazel how to cope with everything life is throwing at her, even aside from her cancer. It's about fighting with parents, and making friends, and discovering yourself and your first love. It's just a bundle of life, despite it being only a short period that we're walking with Hazel, wrapped up in a blur of pages.
Everybody needs to read this book at some point- seriously, you'll love it.
“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” -Hazel; The Fault In Our Stars
Though, I must come to the point of the ending. This frustrated me. It's perfect and wonderful, yet feels almost incomplete at the same time. Not enough light seems to be shed on everything, and sure, it's "only a book" and everyone's "only fictional" but they're characters that enter your life for a little while, and it would just be nice to know what happens to them afterwards.

Honestly, I probably wouldn't even have thought about it of there wasn't the author-character in the book. But still, I literally finished this book, with tears in my eyes, and sent caps-locked texts to a couple of people who I knew had read it, I was so annoyed with it all. Someone even wrote me a little ending to it to try and cheer me up about it (and if you're reading this, it was adorable, thank you<3).

So, yeah. If you've read this book (or are going to read it) and got/get annoyed at the ending, you know where to find me. I'll be happy to rant with you!

But overall, through all the gasps and tear-filled moments, as well as the laughs and typical teenage-thrills, this book was incredible and near-life-changing. So, seriously, if John Green is reading this, thank you so so so much for writing it. It's warmed my heart, and I hope it will continue to warm the hearts of many others.
“That’s part of what I like about the book in some ways. It portrays death truthfully. You die in the middle of your life, in the middle of a sentence” - Hazel; The Fault In Our Stars
Thank you all for reading- let me know if you've read the book, and if not, if you plan on reading it after reading this! Don't forget that you can leave a comment below and also follow me on twitter, facebook and bloglovin!
-Rachel xxx

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