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Look after them!

How to... Look after your nails!

Here's how I take care of mine, usually on average twice a week, though it depends on your nail-type as to how often you should do this.
For weak or ridged nails: Try and do this around three to four times a week until your nails begin to re-strengthen.
For "normal" nails: Do this around two times a week, it'll keep them up to shape!
For strong nails: Even though your nails are strong, you should still keep them in good shape, so do this one to two times a week.

1. Remove any nail polish you may have been wearing. If your nails are weak, or have ridges, I recommend using an acetone-free or conditioning remover. If you consider your nails as strong, then feel free to use pure acetone, though you might want to have a moisturiser handy.

2. Grab a nail file and shape your nails! Do not use a metal file, they can make your nails crack and split. Also file your nails in one direction so you don't cause the same problem.

3. Buff and 'shine' your nails using a nail buffer. I recommend the Leighton Denny Quatro 4-in-1 file & buffer, which includes the sides "1. File, 2. Ridge Remover, 3. Buff and 4. Shine". You can then just rotate and do as each side instructs. Use each side (apart from the buff) for around 10 seconds on each nail, as any more could damage the nail.

4. Put some cuticle oil onto your whole nail and surrounding area-don't forget to rub it in!
OR! As an alternative to 4 and 5, if your cuticles are looking a bit shabby, use Boots Salon Nail Care Cuticle Remover (click!)

5. Grab an orange stick, and using the flattened end, push back your cuticles, scraping any rough ends away as much as you can when doing so. Using the pointed end, then carefully scrape underneath your nail to remove any gathered dirt. You can also apply some hand cream at this point, if you wish!
5* If my nails are extremely weak (i.e. just had acrylic or gel nails on), then I'll also use Leighton Denny's Renovate cream, by putting a dot on each nail and then rubbing it all over the nail and cuticle.

6. After a few hours (to allow the oil (& cream) to sink in), and if your nails are weak, apply a nail-strengthening base-coat (OPI and Nails Inc sell pretty good ones!).

And hey presto, your nails are prepped and ready for a splash of colour!


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