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Fridail: Barry M Matte Rhossili

Hey guys!
Today I'm bringing you a swatch/review of Barry M's "Rhossili" from their Summer 2014 Matte Collection!

As you can see, it's a bright pink/purple shade, which has a semi-matte finish. Compared to the previous 'matte' polishes by Barry M, these aren't as matte, and have much more of a sheen which can be seen in the photos. 

So, let's focus on the colour shall we? This colour is beautiful! I love it so much- and I'm really not that much of a fan of pinky shades, so it takes a lot for me to say that. 

What makes the colour even more stunning... is a shiny top coat! Seriously- if this shade was a 'Gelly' shade instead I would literally be head over heels for it. But never mind, I guess this will have to make do! The topcoat I used here was Nails Inc's Albert Bridge Topcoat (Speed Dry), and the shine is just stunning!

So, yeah, that's Rhossili! You'll be seeing the colour a couple more times in the next few posts, but …

Wail: Birthday Blue!

Hi everyone!
So it was my 18th birthday yesterday, hence why this post is a little late! But I have a fun post for you all to enjoy :)

Introducing to you- my birthday mani!
I love love love these polishes- I think I've only used them once each, but wow, they're just amazing and I definitely need to use them more.
Apologies for the little bit of tip-wear, it's been on since Saturday (so, 5 days between application and the picture taking!) so the wear on these polishes is actually very good!

The first polish is Rimmel London's Salon Pro by Kate, in the shade "Britpop" which is such a fun name! The colour is also absolutely stunning, it's such a rich blue, but is kinda bright at the same time and a borderline dark teal colour. The brush for application is also pretty wide, which makes coverage super easy in only one to two strokes! There's another bonus too- the polish is very shiny even before a top coat! Totally recommend this polish, and you can buy i…

Fridail: Purple Water Marble!

Hi guys!
So so sooo sorry for this post being so late in the day- time kinda escaped from me a little as I've been sorting out some Uni stuff and tidying the house in preparation for my birthday on Tuesday! (Super excited!)

Anyway, this post is linking to the British Nail Blogger's "Colour Me Crazy" Challenge, as this week's colour is purple!

Not gonna lie here, they're kinda shabby and I didn't clean them up very well, but let's not dwell too much on that! You can find my "How to: Water Marble" post here!

So, I started with a white base colour on my nails, using Barry M's "Matt White" polish. All was going quite well, until the lilac coloured polish kinda failed cause it was too light- which is why most of my nails look a bit off-white. But never mind!
Polishes used are... Barry M's Gelly "Prickly Pear"

Barry M's Gelly "Plum" 

And finally, Models Own's "Sterling Silver" which is provid…

Wail: 17 Magnetic Green Swatch!

Hi everyone!
Having a good week? (You better be :P)

Today I have a swatch for you, of a polish that has been out for quite a while now. Remember when "magnetic" polishes were all the craze? Yeah- this is one of those.
Introducing Boot's 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in "Green" (Side note- I really hate it when companies are uninventive with their polish names. Just give me a second to sulk!)

Yes, this magnetic effect is a rather strange one- it isn't completely wavy, or stripy, but you can of course use different nail-magnets with the polish, if you have any. Here's a few closer shots showing the design a bit more.

So as you can see, it's a very circular design, and to me, it's creating an illusion of sorts that makes it look... bubbly? When I look at it, especially in image-form instead of on my nails, I feel like it's drawing my eyes away from my nails and into my skin instead, which is never really a good thing when you want people to look at…

A Blogger's Bookshelf: Moon Called

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good weekend :)
Today, I'm bringing you a book which was introduced to me by a dear internet friend (<3), and when I say "introduced" here, I pretty much mean it was forced upon me.
Anyway, the book in question is this:

Moon Called; by Patricia Briggs
This book is the first book in a larger series, called the "Mercy Thompson" series. It's also linked with another of Briggs' series, known as the "Alpha & Omega" series- which is set in the same World.  What is this "Mercy Thompson" thing, you ask? Well, Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is the main character (and the narrator) in the book- just an easygoing 'work, eat, live' female Volkswagen mechanic. Oh, and she can shift into a coyote pretty much whenever she wants to. That's right paranormal-fiction-lovers, this is a book for you!  Let's talk a little more about Mercy. She's pretty unique- even without having the amazing gift of turni…

Fridail: Colour Me Crazy- Pink!

Hey everyone! I hope you've had a good week, and anybody who got results yesterday did well enough to get where they wanted! I did, and am going to Manchester Uni to study Zoology in September! Woooooo!!
So, onto the post! Here's my pink mani for the British Nail Blogger's Challenge!

Wail: Mini Haul!

Hey everyone!
You better be having a good week (if not then hopefully the rest of the week will be a lot better)!
I decided to have a last minute post-reshuffle... Today's post will be showing a mini-haul, and Friday's post will reveal my pink mani!

Shopping Receipt:
Models Own "Shades" - £5 from Superdrug
Maybelline Express Finish "Khaki Green" - £1 from Poundland
Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour "Kinetic Copper" - £1 from Poundland
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat "Sweetie" - £1 from Poundland
Total: £8! Bargain! :)

So, yes... Poundland has been a rather large hit today! I was pretty chuffed to find some decent polishes in there, so make sure you all keep your eyes peeled when you're around your local Poundland store.

Let's start with a closer look at the Maybelline polish then!

The "express finish 40" part on the bottle is suggesting to me that it's a speed dry polish- exciting!

As for the colour, it's looking like a…