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A Blogger's Bookshelf: Moon Called

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good weekend :)
Today, I'm bringing you a book which was introduced to me by a dear internet friend (<3), and when I say "introduced" here, I pretty much mean it was forced upon me.
Anyway, the book in question is this:

Moon Called; by Patricia Briggs

This book is the first book in a larger series, called the "Mercy Thompson" series. It's also linked with another of Briggs' series, known as the "Alpha & Omega" series- which is set in the same World. 
What is this "Mercy Thompson" thing, you ask? Well, Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is the main character (and the narrator) in the book- just an easygoing 'work, eat, live' female Volkswagen mechanic. Oh, and she can shift into a coyote pretty much whenever she wants to. That's right paranormal-fiction-lovers, this is a book for you! 
Let's talk a little more about Mercy. She's pretty unique- even without having the amazing gift of turning into a coyote or being a female mechanic. She's a character who has her head screwed on (kinda rare these days for female characters), and, as always, manages to find herself in a bit of bother more often than you might like to be. It doesn't help that she's living next door to the local werewolf pack's alpha. Did I forget to mention that?
Yeah. Lots of werewolf goodness!<3
Mr. Alpha is called Adam. He's a strong-minded, stubborn character but has the strength to support himself, as well as his pack- and, when he feels like it, Mercy too. He's cool, but I must move on...
To another 'dominant' character- Samuel. Samuel's is like... He's just Samuel. I feel like I know him just after reading the first book. He has a lot of history with Mercy, but I don't want to dive into that- go find out for yourselves! All I have to say about him for now, is that his wolf-form sounds verrrry pretty. 
What happens then, when you put Adam and Samuel together? Well, you get a bit of jealousy, frustration and an interesting triangle connection with Mercy stuck in the middle. But don't worry- it isn't one of "those" typical love-triangle stories. Far, far from it.

The book's actual plot develops around a few of the side-characters, which are unveiled one by one to reveal an action-packed, plot-twisting, book-hugging journey. The feels, guys, the feels. More specifically... the tension! Tension everywhere! Especially at the end, it definitely ends with a bang, and it has an added bonus of having no cliff-hangers! Yay!
"Moon Called", as the title of the book, certainly leaves a sense of mystery hanging over itself when you first pick it up, but soon enough, it becomes pretty clear why this term is used both for the title and throughout the book.
Finally, I wanted to throw a few quotes in and praise Patricia Briggs even more, because her descriptions are just unreal. She takes things you wouldn't have thought of to use as comparisons or descriptives, and uses them anyway. This first quote just killed me when I read it. I re-read it to make sure I'd read it right. Root beer!
"She told me his eyes were the color of sunlit root beer, and that he snored if he slept on his back."
This next quote is just like, wow. She's describing power in the terms of music, and it's (I cut some out so I didn't spoil anything for you's.)
"...couldn't feel the song of the Alpha's strength. The music grew, abruptly doubling and the focus faded..."
In conclusion then, I have absolutely no bad thing to say about this book, apart from the teeny tiny detail that she writes rather long chapters, but there are some nice little natural breaks in there if you want to take a breather. If you're one of "those" people though, like myself, who likes to finish chapters fully before stopping, you may find yourself reconsidering time-wise every time you go to pick the book up. But seriously- read away! 
I started the second book yesterday (I was forced again...), and it starts with a definite bang- going straight into the fast-paced, exciting storyline. No messing around for Mercy! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have read, or are going to read these books! 


  1. I really really really don't remember having to work /that/ hard to get you to read them. :P But yes, all the people must go read these books! They are awesome. And win. <3

    1. You totally had to try really hard :P Heheh. <3


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