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Fridail: Barry M Glitterati 'Catwalk Queen'

Please excuse me while I go and die of Fresher's Flu for a moment. *coughs*

Just kidding... A cough, sore throat and mega killing headache won't get rid of me that easily! :)
Today I'm bringing you a polish that I bought on Wednesday, but wanted to buy at the weekend. I actually got 2 polishes on Wednesday (oh dear, I really need to stop).

Left is "VIP" and right is "Catwalk Queen" which I'll be showing you all today! The "Glitterati" polishes are brand new to Barry M as of last Wednesday (24th September) and came out in a sparkling total of 6 shades, ranging from pink to a dark multi-glitter-explosion. 

However, Catwalk Queen is the perfect shade for all your mermaid-y people, applying as a beautiful light green-blue shimmertastic shade. 

Before I throw more images at you, I want to stress that these are all of Catwalk Queen and that one polish only. The colouring looks slightly different in each one because of how much lighting was seeping on to my nails. So some pics look more blue, and some pics look more green. But that's just how it looks in real life. Also, keep an eye on the shimmer-ness of it because like, wow. Just wow.

Something else that amazed me and that I absolutely 10000% adore about this polish, is that it's just so darn smooth! I expected it to feel similar to the Royal Textured Glitters. But noooo, the Glitteratis are a beautifully soft, smooth experience. And a top-coat makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Trust me, I checked. You can't even see the difference. Two of my nails on all of these pictures are actually topcoated. If you can tell me for certain which nails these are, I may give you a prize. It may be a really bad prize, but a prize is a prize, right?

These last two pictures are taken with the flash on, just to see what it would be like. The only difference between them really is that there's a line of clear... flashiness? I don't even know... You can see the glitter parts a teensy clearer I guess, and how they're reflecting the light, but that's pretty much it!

So Barry M, my bank account now hates you, though my nails definitely love you- you've done it again! Thanks!
You happy readers can also be the proud owners of Barry M's Glitterati polishes for £3.99 a piece from Boots and Superdrug. 
See you all on Monday for another swatchy swatchy! :)


  1. I'm not sure what camera you're shooting with, but if you use a DSLR then you can shoot in raw format and correct the white balance afterwards - this will get rid of those pesky lighting effects. :p

    I've been eyeing up these polishes on blogs all week - I'm still not convinced I *need* them, but they sure are pretty. And this is a lovely colour!

    1. I'm using a "compact dslr" apparently- it's a Nikon coolpix something haha, my dad messed with the settings though and set it to like auto-everything sooo I don't have a clue :')
      But I'd totally recommend the polish if you're tempted :p

  2. I think I'm in love with this nail polish it looks stunning!! I love Barry M <3

    I have just done a Liebster Award post and you are one of the bloggers I have nominated, you can find your questions on my blog :D xx

  3. It's a lush polish! :D
    N'aww thank you! I'll do it for tomorrow :D xx


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