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Into the Make-Up World... Part 1

Helloooo everyone! I hope you're all well, and have entered the giveaway (or are at least considering it!)
For today's post, we're going to follow Alice's example from when she fell into the rabbit hole, and go on a little exploration journey... of my collection of make-up items that made it to Uni with me. Exciting, right!?

I've split it up into 4 categories for ease of viewing, with three of them being up on this post today, and the lipsticks following closely behind on Friday!

Items shown (All products by BareMinerals)
BareSkin liquid foundation in shade "Bare Natural 07" (far left bottle); Prime Time Brighting and BB Primers (other two bottles); Bisque Powder Concealer (smallest pot); Mineral Veil powder (large pot, left); Warmth bronzer (large pot, right); Ready SPF20 Foundation in shades R250 and R330 (left flat-packs); Ready Luminizer (top right flatpack); Ready Blush in "The Indecent Proposal" (bottom right flat-pack), and a selection of brushes used for foundation, blush and other products seen here.

(I've blocked my reflection from the mirror so I don't scare you all away, hehe)

My face favourites, would have to be the new liquid foundation, and the blusher! The foundation has such a light, smooth consistency and you can genuinely forget it's there once you've applied it. Application is a bit tedious as you really have to buff it around, though it still takes no longer than 5 minutes, and it definitely worth it. It covers really nicely too, and doesn't use a lot of product when doing so.
The blusher is just an absolutely gorgeous colour on my skin, and gives a lovely rosey finish to my cheekbones- yay!


Eye products are definitely my favourite cosmetic products, and as you can see, I tend to lean towards blues and greens, with a few purples and neutral tones too. 

Products shown here then!
In the 'eyeshadow pyramid', from top to bottom, left to right, you can see, Bare Minerals "Treasured Terri" mini, "Beautiful Melodie" mini, "Madras" mini, "Beautiful Lisa" mini, "ell-if-i-know", a very old pot with the name scratched off... but it's a nice purple and it's discontinued..., "harmony", Maybelline Color Tattoo "Turquoise Forever", "On and On Bronze" and "Light in Purple".
Then we have the very beautiful and obvious Urban Decay palettes- Naked 2 and Electric.
The other palettes here are Bare Minerals "The Late Show" which contains colours "Guest Star" (gold) and "Uncensored" (dark purple) (centre palette); "The Happy Place" containing colours "Peace" (pale peach), "Imagine" (peach shimmer), "Exhale" (matte grey) and "Euphoria" (purple shimmer) (top centre palette); "The Wild Thing" containing colours "Sensational" (pale blue), "Icon" (green), "Elitist" (brown) and "Controversy" (blue); and finally an "Ultra Slim Palette" from some company in Barcelona, with the 6-piece blue/green/black/white palette in the top right corner. 
There's also a little bundle of Bare Minerals eye-primers and brushes there. 

My eye favourites... Do I really have to choose? Yes? Okay then... I'm going to have to settle for the Urban Decay palettes, because of the amazing ranges of colours they have, and also the Bare Minerals "Happy Place" palette (top left in this pic), because the colours in this are absolutely stunning, and it was my prom make-up eyeshadow palette. I love it to pieces! Also, the Maybelline Colour Tattoo "On and On Bronze" is a great shadow for grabbing and sweeping onto your eyes on a rushed morning, so that makes the top list too!

Eyeliners and Mascaras

Eyeliners and mascaras- definitely the best thing ever for finishing off your face! Here we have Rimmel London's "Wondefull" (top), So Susan's (centre) and BareMinerals' "Lash Domination" (bottom) mascaras. I tend to mix-and-match these together, but if I had to choose my favourite I think it would have to be the Rimmel one! It just gives that little bit of extra length more than the others do, plus, it's cheaper. 
Other things here are GOSH eyeliners, which will be shown in more detail in a moment; a gel eyeliner; pencil sharpener (of course); eyelash curlers; tweezers and of course, an eyeliner brush for the gel. 

GOSH Velvet eyeliners then- I have four at the moment, that is how much I love them! They're super smooth to put on, and are smudgy if you want them to be, or stay put if that's what you're looking for too. I'll often to a cat eye using the black, and it does not budge at all, which is amazing! The purple, green and brown I usually just sweep near my lashes, and put on my waterline for that extra pop of colour. Seriously, I will never use another brand of eyeliner pencil again!
Colours here are "Black Ink" (Black), "Temptation" (purple), "I Sea You" (green) and "Truly Brown".

The final product of today's post, is this lovely gel eyeliner by Maybelline! They seem to have new shades out, or at least ones that I hadn't noticed before, of black shades with shimmers in them. I picked up a "Black Gold" and as you can see it is gorgeous! It's super nice to apply too, and came with a little brush. You can add this to my list of favourites too!

So that is all I have time for today, I shall see you all again on Friday to continue this journey into my make-up, and so you can see my lipsticks and possibly a couple of 'looks' I have done with all of these wonderful products! See you then!


  1. That Maybelline gel liner looks a lot like the MAC one I have called Blitz & Glitz... I like the look gel liners give but they are SUCH A PAIN to apply!

    1. Aww I love putting them on haha, it's so smooth too it just sweeps right on, but it's harder to make a mistake than with liquid (for me anyway, I hate liquid liners!)
      And I can assure you that the Maybelline is cheaper than the MAC hehe :p

  2. I've never been someone that's into make-up but my interest in it is definitely starting to grow so I love seeing what people wear! You sure do have a lot of make up and it's very tempting for me to go and buy it all now lol!

    1. Oooo we're such bad influences on each other haha! But let me know if you buy anything! :D


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