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"Where did all my money go!?"

What's this- an extra post!? I told you it would happen!

Before we get started, please note that other titles for this post were considered, including "Bye bye student loan", "Nails over Food" and also "Oh poo, now I'm skint"

So basically, one night...I went shopping. I have only one regret, and that is how much money I spent! In total, I got 6 parcels within 2 or 3 weeks, consisting of 19 polishes, 1 "Bling it On" kit, 1 set of nail strips, 1 eyeshadow palette, 7 stamping plates, 1 nail-studs wheel, 1 pack of nail stickers, 6 packs of water decals, 1 (tiny) pack of nail-studs and finally, 2 rolls of nail foils!

Altogether, it looks like this...

I daren't even total up how much I spent so we're going to skim over that part...
First of all then, there's the non-nail item of the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, which was very happily purchased from Debenhams during a 10% off event. 
Just look at those colours!! *drools* Of course, the palette is made up the same way as the other Naked palettes- consisting of 12 stunning colours, a double ended brush and a free sample of 4 eyeshadow primers. Naked 3 Palette is based more on rose-coloured tints as you can see, and it is absolutely stunning. Seriously, words can't express it.

Next up, we have a Fragrance Direct order!
The nail strips on the left are by Sally Hansen- the flash kinda cut that out! They more or less advertise the same things as the OMG Nail Strips from the other week- but keep your eyes peeled for a comparison post!
Polishes from left to right are: Nicole by OPI "I'm a Pool for Love" (link to post); OPI "My Little Petunia"; OPI "Yodel Me on My Cell" Hopefully there'll be more swatches up very soon.

Once upon a time... Groupon had a wonderful deal. Or so it seemed...
Behold Groupon's "Nicole by OPI 10 polish Lucky Dip" featuring some dupes within the package itself, and some very similar shades of white and pink. Though, I did actually get 11 bottles instead of 10, so I can't complain too much (there's only 10 bottles here cause I'm keeping one for someone for Christmas!). I was also a bit gutted to find that I already own that pretty blue on the right, but never mind! I'm looking forward to trying the glitters- keep your eyes peeled!

Nails Inc also had a few reductions going on when I had a peek, including this lovely Bling it On: Midnight kit!
Sure, the polishes are minis, but the two pots of glitters are so fabulous that I don't even care. And it was reduced, so nobody should care, really!

Thanks to one of the British Nail Bloggers, I was introduced to a new site to me... The Nail and Beauty Link. Honestly, this may be the death of all of my money. I started off with £75 worth of polish in my basket, and that was being picky as I went through their stashes for sale. I finally settled on these 6 polishes, for a lot less than £75!
Delivery was so fast, too! One minute it was being dispatched, and I think it literally came the day after it was dispatched. But left to right here we have Zoya "Daul"; China Glaze "When Stars Collide"; OPI "Stay the Night" (Liquid Sand!); OPI "Can't Let Go" (Liquid Sand!); Color Club "Angel Kiss"; Color Club "Cosmic Fate"

Finally, that brings us over to the Born Pretty Store order...
So the majority of my giveaway items were from Born Pretty (though they aren't shown here, this is all for me!), and I kinda did a "One for you, one for me!" system- so glad I did too!
I ended up getting 6 packs of water decals- 2 of which I chose (the feathers), 2 of which were as part of a lucky dip, and 2 of which were in a free pack alongside a small pack of nail studs and a nail file. I also picked up a set of adorable moustache stickers, so I can be really funny and say "I moustache you a question" while holding up my hand. (I amuse myself)

I also stocked up on some nail plates and some adorable, colourful nail studs! Designs on the plates range from Mickey Mouse, to Christmas Jumper, to Flowers, to Animals. Happy times!

And finally, I got two rolls of nail foils- which I've never actually used before! But they should be pretty darn fun to try, and I'm excited to do so! Hopefully I'll get round to trying them soon! :)

BornPrettyStore also contacted me the other week asking if I'd like to do some reviews for them- which of course I agreed to! Here's the items that they sent me, and that you can look out for in posts over the next week or two.

A photo posted by Nail Parade! (@nail_parade) on

BornPrettyStore were also kind enough to provide me with a 10% off code to share with you all! You'll always be able to find it in the right hand side bar, but for the ease of today, the code is...

So that's everything then! Phew- I'm so sorry bank balance. From this day forth I shall officially be living off the many tins of beans I have in my cupboard. (Just kidding, I have money to eat, don't worry guys!)
I hope you had a good weekend then, and look forward to seeing you during the weekdays for more naily goodness!


  1. OOhh Nail foils, will be looking out to see how you use them!

    1. I've never used them before! But I'll be sure to use them as soon as I've done all of the review items! ^^

  2. Let's be real, there can never be enough nail varnishes! :P Such lovely colours!

    Ayesha xxx

    1. Never ever! I think I'm nearly up to 250 haha, woops! :D Thanks! <3

  3. Oh. My. Lord. This is more than I thought!! I've been waiting for this post to see all your goodies and I'm taken aback and very jealous indeed! I can't wait to see what you do with them all! Those Frozen decals too!! I need to get me some of those! I've never used foil either, so it will be interesting to see how you use them for ideas :D xx

    1. Hehe. I told you I ordered a lot! I'm so excited to try everything :D I'll make sure to try the foils asap! xx

  4. Awesome haul!!! I love me some FD, BPS and TNBL. I own the Makeup Revolution Naked 3 dupe but still lust over the real thing. Enjoy all your goodies!!

    1. I will do thank you! :D TNBL and BPS are possibly my new favourite stores heheh.

  5. Oh wow! I went to leeds on Saturday wanting to come back with this amount but I was very disappointed I only came back with 3 kikos. This looks like heaven

    1. Oh no! Go and indulge in some online shopping to make up for it! :D

  6. Wow, that's definitely a splurge of money! Wish I could do this too, lovely choice of polishes.


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