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3D-Look Water Decals!*

*This post contains an item which was supplied by BornPrettyStore in return for an honest review. In this post, the item is the water decals!

Hello dears!
Today's post is the last of the items that were sent to me to review by Born Pretty Store- and I'm giving it to you a couple of days early so I can maybe sneak an extra post or two in somewhere!

And that item, is these cute water decals!

Orly Turquoise Color Flip!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week! :)

Today's post is introducing you to a pretty new blue polish I bought last week- Orly's "Turquoise Color Flip"

Beginning true to its name, the shade of blue is definitely that of a turquoise shade!

BornPrettyStore Haul 2.0!

Oh, how this site will be the death of my bank account!
I hope you're all having a great week- I have a final haul post before we get back onto some actual naily business, and once again, it's from Born Pretty Store.

Quick reminder that they do Free Worldwide Delivery and I have a 10% Discount Code - REEG10 for you to use!

On to my haul then, I spent a crazy £45, but for the amount of things I actually got, it was totally worth it!

Christmas Polishes!

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well so far. As you can see, the post-Christmas posts are continuing for today, though I think this it the last one... until next year!

Over the Christmas-period anyway, I managed to bag some bargains and receive some pretty polishes as gifts, so I just wanted to share with you what's been added to the collection. Everything has been added onto the Polish List so you can check what I have there and if it's been swatched already! Don't forget to contact me if you want anything swatched or used specifically! :)

Glossybox- December 2014!

Hello dears!
Well, this post is nearly 2 months late since it's nearing February already (how did that happen!?), but let's skim over that and get to the more exciting stuff...

Which is, of course, the Christmas 2014 Glossybox!

When can I expect a post?

Hello dears!
So my life is currently back on track for the year (I think) after a little culture shock from returning to the UK and university (and being pushed right into exam season- woops)!
In order to live life to the fullest this year, I'm planning to learn Spanish, do some super healthy eating and exercise (check on the latter- I have two fitness DVDs ready and waiting to be used), save some money, aim for the stars, and maybe even try and get a job to draw in a bit of extra cash!

Post-Christmas Damage!

Hello, hello!
The post-Christmas post has finally landed, so I hope you're all prepared to follow my Christmas break and then to tell me all about yours in the comments below!

Gift Top-Picks (Non-Polish)
Before I begin I'd like to say that I'm truly thankful for each and every gift I received this year- even if it was as simple as wishing me a "Merry Christmas", and I hope all you readers out there had a wonderful day too, even though it was nearly a month ago now...

A Blogger's Bookshelf: The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection by Kiera Cass

2.5/5 stars
I'd recommend this book for fans of the TV show "The Bachelor" and fans of easy reads and cheesy love triangles! It's the kind of book you'd want to read on a holiday I'd say.

So to start off with, as a general feeling, this book isn't bad but it isn't quite on the same level as the "Omg what did I just read, I should read that again to make sure I read that right" kind of amazing level either. Honestly, it has it's good parts, but it's quite predictable plot-wise and is also a little weak in parts- which I'll get to in a moment.

Hello! I'm back!

Ah, hello dear friends!
I have no idea if anyone's actually been looking on here for the past month or so, but if you're someone who has kept coming back despite the lack of posts, I want to thank you so so much! I'll send a cyber hug your way as soon as they're invented. Part of the lack of posts is due to my laptop- it's been a little bit poorly and has just had it's hard drive, connector wire and graphics processor replaced. (Thank God for AppleCare though!) Another reason for the lack of posts is just pure messing up of my routine while I've been away from university- everything's just been a blur of travelling, seeing people and revision!