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A Blogger's Bookshelf: The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection by Kiera Cass

2.5/5 stars
I'd recommend this book for fans of the TV show "The Bachelor" and fans of easy reads and cheesy love triangles! It's the kind of book you'd want to read on a holiday I'd say.

So to start off with, as a general feeling, this book isn't bad but it isn't quite on the same level as the "Omg what did I just read, I should read that again to make sure I read that right" kind of amazing level either. Honestly, it has it's good parts, but it's quite predictable plot-wise and is also a little weak in parts- which I'll get to in a moment.

All that being said, it was quite a nice little book to read to procrastinate/relax away from revision while I was chilling in Cali, as it was definitely not an intense read, but quite a happy, "let's skip into the sunset" kind of book.

The best theme of the book I must say had to be the idea of the "selection" itself, which is the Bachelor kind of part... I love that show, so I guess thats why I liked this part of the book most! Also, the 'caste' social tiering system that Kiera Cass had set up in the novel was pretty good as it set another thing to consider throughout reading the book and also gave a nice set up for what I assume will be a major plot in one of the other two books of the trilogy. But! I don't feel like the caste system was always followed through with. The main character's tier was a 5 (it goes from 1-8) and this was stated many times, yet she didn't seem to lack much when her personal surroundings were described.

Another thing that annoyed me a bit was that it's described as a dystopian novel and said to be similar to the Hunger Games. Sorry but, this is a book set in a future America where not very much seems to have changed... the dystopian factor is again very weak and I wouldn't consider it a main genre. Also, the Hunger Games!? THE Hunger Games!? Nu uh, no way. This is not a thing like the Hunger Games. For starters, nobody's trying to kill each other here, there's just a bunch of girls who are being pretty nice to each other considering they're all after the same guy, and then a Prince trying to choose one of them. Definitely no Hunger Games themes- though, how awesome would a Hunger Games/Bachelor style book be!? Let me grab my writing hat!

Onto the characters then. First of all, I'm just going to drop this comment in here- the names are kinda weird, and even distracting at times. I found myself doing a double take at some of the names to check I read them right. That aside though, the characters are quite alright! The main girl here- America (see my point?)- is quite likeable, appears to be quite strong and level-headed yet still likes that soppy lovey dovey stuff. The other girls are just a mix of the typical girls you find around high school situations- there are some bitchy ones, some quiet ones, some super bubbly ones, etc. As for the guys, the first one you meet? Yeah. Aspen. He's a bit of a jerk in my opinion but I may be harsh here. His story is pretty important though, and yes, he is boy no. 1 of the love triangle here. Insert guy no. 2 to the equation and you find out that his name is Maxen, and he's a Prince. He's a bit... socially awkward, I guess! He's the one character that I actually felt that I warmed the most to, and I think he was quite well portrayed once the awkward "who actually is he and why should I care" period was over. So yeah.. interesting character developments that I can't quite summarise without giving too much away- but yknow, all in all, the characters are pretty okay.

If you were eagle-eyed enough earlier, you'll have noticed that I said there were two other books- yes, that makes it a trilogy (though I believe that now there are mini in-between accompanying books). Yet, I have no interest in developing the storyline further, so will not be completing the trilogy.

***Spoiler section!***
If you've already read this book you may understand my drift when I say that all I wanted to happen at the end would be America realising that Aspen is a jerk and definitely not for her and that Maxen is obviously her soul mate who also just happens to be a Prince. Plus he likes her too so why not! I really don't want to read on to see if this eventually happens though. /yawn/
***Spoilers over!***

So, my dears, thank you for reading my little review. If you've read this book yourself, I'd love to know what you think of it! I also want to know if anyone knows any books I may be interested in.

See you all on Monday for a little post-Christmas post!


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