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Green Gradient!

Hey lovelies! 
Today I have a post for you featuring 3 (I think?) never-seen-here-before items! Those are... some green-silver glitter gradient nail wraps, Model's Own Disco Pants "Paradise Garage" and Barry M's Silver Foil! 


Hello dears! I have a totally adorable mani for you all today, alongside a cause that as a zoologist lies pretty close to my heart. Behold, the panda mani!

Freckles Polish Franken Kit!

Hello dears!
Hope everyone had a fab week and is ready for the weekend! Even if you aren't ready for it, it's here anyway ;)
Please note that this post is very image-heavy, so anyone with a weak or slow internet collection has my greatest apologies! (Ironically, this includes myself)

So earlier this week I got my first ever Indie Polish delivery, from none other than Freckles Polish!

Polish Stats!

Hello everyone!

Today we have a bit of a nail-post-with-a-difference. That is, I'm revisiting the type of post I did a couple of years back... the stats post!
The previous one can be found right here, and I suggest you go and check it out before you read this one and see if you can spot the differences, if there are any!

First of all, I now have a crazily wonderful 279 (approximately, and soon to be 281) full-sized nail polishes, without including top coats. Woops!
I wonder when that happened, hehe.

Love Glossybox!

Hello, hello!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and Valentine's Day if you did anything nice! I spent my night around a friend's flat and we watched Tangled and Music & Lyrics and ate food. Best way to spend it!

Anyway, the final Glossybox from my 6-month subscription arrived last week, and it was the Love edition! A part of me is sad that I won't be getting a little beauty box surprise in the post once a month, but another part of me is kinda glad since I'm still sitting with a box full of goodies that I haven't used yet.

Just My Look: Valentine's Challenge!*

*This post contains items which were supplied to me by in return for some Valentine's Day nail art. These items are the three Morgan Taylor polishes which were used.

Hello dears!

Around this time last week I received an email from Just My Look asking if I was up for doing their Valentine's Day nail art challenge. Of course, I agreed, and they sent along three lovely Morgan Taylor polishes from their stock!

Models Own Chrome Blue and Moreeeee Stamping!

Hello everyone! Today's post is not only a day late but it's also going to be super quick so I can run off to bed to get rid of this horrible migraine that's pounding away!

Ye Olde Valentines Mani!

Now as we all know, Valentine's Day is just around the corner... Whether you're single or in a relationship, it's still gonna happen, and either way you can make the most out of the 'holiday'!

Personally, I'm probably going to sit in my room, sleep, and paint my nails, before heading out to the shops on Sunday when all of the chocolate is discounted!

Before I start throwing some pics at you, I'd like to remind you that you can click on the images to see a larger version of them- you may wish to do this on some of these pics as some of the stamping has quite a bit of detail in it :)

Bonus Post! Models Own Haul!

Hello dears!
Hope you had a wonderful Friday night- I have a little gift for you all in the form of a bonus post! (Three cheers for a bonus post?)

Anyway, you may or may not be aware that Models Own recently had a half-price sale, and of course, the release of a brand new collection featuring 10 coloured chrome-finish polishes!

Beautifully Disney- Villains Polishes!

Calling any and all Disney and polish fans to this post! Do I have a treat for you guys!?

Introducing... (with a really blurry pic- my apologies), Beautifully Disney nail polishes! Now for those of you who have never heard of the "Beautifully Disney" brand, it's basically Disney's own cosmetics brand which can be found in stores in Disney Parks!

Glossybox- New Year edition!

Hello everyone! Apologies for the slight delay in this post arriving at your computer screens, but I've been a little distracted this week with the arrival of some new polish (insert excited squeal here), a little bit of alcohol, ancestry, and actual uni work (cause I do study... sometimes!). 
A few weeks ago I arrived back at my halls of residence awaiting the January Glossybox, which came only a few days after myself! The packaging wasn't anything special, though there was a general "New Year Must-Haves" theme going on, and each person was sent a lovely 5 full sized products!