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Glossybox- New Year edition!

Hello everyone!
Apologies for the slight delay in this post arriving at your computer screens, but I've been a little distracted this week with the arrival of some new polish (insert excited squeal here), a little bit of alcohol, ancestry, and actual uni work (cause I do study... sometimes!). 

A few weeks ago I arrived back at my halls of residence awaiting the January Glossybox, which came only a few days after myself! The packaging wasn't anything special, though there was a general "New Year Must-Haves" theme going on, and each person was sent a lovely 5 full sized products!

The first of which I'm going to show you is my favourite of the box- a Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits! It's 97% organic, and 100% natural, as you can see there in the image! It smells absolutely glorious, you could genuinely just eat it (but that would be bad, so please restrain from doing so). It also made my lips feel sooooo so soft, even in the harsh winter weather we had lately, so it's definitely serving up its purpose!
Plus for only €5 (£3.75) how can you say no!? You can grab one from

Second up is a Revitalizing Face Toner by Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics, which is a face toner designed to re-balance modern skin with a 'clever alchemy of natural ingredients and science-led formulations' including a blend of calendula, chamomile and aloe vera!
The bottle contains 200ml and only costs €10.70 (£8) and can be found at

Next to be shown is Jelly Pong Pong "All Over Glow" which is an oil-free brightening gel, packed with pearlescent pigments that catch the light and highlight your face for a radiant glow! 

I tried this on the back of my hand, and it is soooo pretty, but when people say "a little goes a long way" it definitely stands in this case! My whole hand was covered!
You can grab this cute little tube containing 15g of product for only £10 at

The fourth product is a powder blush by Nicka K New York, and it's compact enough to keep in your handbag, and you don't even need a brush for it! It comes with this little puff applicator, you just press it down and let some blush come through! 
The price for this is €8.95 (£6.70) for 5g, and you can grab one for your handbag at

Finally, there's another pencil eyeliner in the Glossybox this month! (I'm not complaining, I love my eyeliners!) This one is by 'MeMeMe' and is in a shade called "Clay" which is a slightly grey-black colour, and for only £4 a piece, I wouldn't complain at buying an extra few. You can grab one too from MeMeMe's website!

So for £32.45 (approximately) worth of items in this month's Glossybox, with 5 full-sized items, all of which I will most likely use, I definitely cannot complain!
It saddens me that I only have one more Glossybox left to get actually- but it's the Valentine's box and I'm expecting it to be full of many beautiful items!

What do you think of this month's items? Leave me a comment below! 

Join me tomorrow to see some pretty Disney Villains polishes! :D See you then!

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Coming Up...
Friday: Disney Villainess Polishes!
Saturday: Models Own- New Delivery!
Monday: Stamping Special


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