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Polish Stats!

Hello everyone!

Today we have a bit of a nail-post-with-a-difference. That is, I'm revisiting the type of post I did a couple of years back... the stats post!
The previous one can be found right here, and I suggest you go and check it out before you read this one and see if you can spot the differences, if there are any!

First of all, I now have a crazily wonderful 279 (approximately, and soon to be 281) full-sized nail polishes, without including top coats. Woops!
I wonder when that happened, hehe.

Out of these 279.......

Top 3 Brands I Own: 
1. Barry M - Well, if only they'd stop releasing awesome collections my purse would be a lot happier!
       These guys take up 30% of my polishes... Wow.
2. Models Own - It's the Colour Chromes... They caught me and wouldn't let me go.
       A less scary 12% is what these occupy.
3. Nails Inc - Although I haven't bought any of these in a while, they've still snuck into the top 3!
      A timid 10% let these pretties scrape a top spot.

Top 3 Colours I Own:
1. Blue - Oh, blue! Blue the ocean, blue the sky, blue the feeling- there's no escaping the blue, especially in my nail polish collection.
      Blue holds a special 18% of my heart.
2. Pink - Wait what? Pink? I've never ever thrown myself out there to be a pink fan, yet here I am with it coming up second in my top-colours. Who would've guessed!?
     Pink is holding a crazy 14% of my polish collection.
3. Green - I definitely expected to have more greens that I have... Oh well! Time to buy more!
    A cute 11% of my polishes are green in colour.

Top 3 Finishes:
1. Creme - Ah, the typical creme finish of a polish! It's no surprise that you grabbed the top spot, is it?
     You did however, only grab 20% of the whole collection.
2. Shimmer - Probably my most favourite effect, shimmers are just so pretty (especially in a rare burst of sunlight)
     Shimmers gave close competition, taking up 19% of all polishes.
3. Glitters - Oh glitters, what can you not be used for?
    11% of the parade can add a touch of sparkle to a mani. 

So there we have it! A very informative, up to date, stats post. This actually scares me slightly... I should probably get swatching and using all of these beauties before they start to rot!

If you want to be super duper nosy, you can take a peek at all my polishes right here in the spreadsheet! (Don't worry, it's online and you don't have to download anything)

I wanna know how many polishes are in your collection! What's your favourite brand, colour and finish? Drop me a comment below!


  1. Replies
    1. Mmm, pie! I like your thinking though, I may have to do just that :P

    2. "Mmm, pie!" - I love you. <3

  2. Now for my actual comment LOL I have about 320 polishes, WHOOPS LOL. My all time, hands down favorite brand is essence (I have over 85 essence polishes), and for color, I think blue or green? For finishes I think I have mostly cremes and glitters at my top, but matte polishes are driving me freaking insane atm. <3 I can't get my hands on Barry M polishes in Croatia without paying insane money, but I recently got one as a gift and... I need more to live my life like a normal person. Lovely post! <3

    1. Hehe, I'm definitely nearing the 320 (and have added another 4 Barry M's to the collection since writing that post^). I only actually have one Essence polish :O I'll have to find more! Blues and greens are definitely the best though :P I can't say I'm a huuuge fan for matte finishes, but I have a matte topcoat if I ever feel like it. Hehe, you definitely need as many Barry M's as you can grab :P Hopefully you get more in the future! Thanks :D <3


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