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Guest: A Fingertiptastic Fishy Tale!!!

So, (I always start my blog posts with "so" and it just doesn't seem like my blog if I don't!!!) before I start my blog, let me first introduce myself. My name is Michelle Smith (aka Fingertiptastic) and I'm a forty-something wife and mummy to 2 boys.

I first found my love of all things nails at the beginning of 2015 and am now a self-confessed polishaholic!! I can't seem to pass a shop without purchasing a polish (my stash has grown from about 6 old polishes to over 200 in 10 weeks - I hope my husband isn't reading this!!!) and I can't seem to do a mani without adding some kind of nail art or enhancement!!!

Make Sure You Follow!

Hey everyone!

Apologies for the lack of yesterday's post- unfortunately this one if going to be the last before I go away tomorrow.
I'm not 100% sure if there'll be wifi at the place we're staying (we're going to study the animals after all, not to be social over the internet), but just in case there is, you should make sure that you're following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

I'll try to post at least one image or update on each per day, assuming that we have wifi, so to be a part of this adventure, make sure you hit the buttons!

I'm going to Africa!!

Ahhhhhhh oh em gee hi!

As you can tell by the post title, I'm going to Africa! Which part? South Africa! Oh yes! I'm super duper excited- I leave on Friday, and I've managed to gather a whopping two guest posts to fill in while I'm not here, so I'm afraid the blog will be a bit droopy for 10 days while I'm away, but I promise to bring back many, many hopefully adorable/amazing images for you all. (I'm so excited!)

To mark the occasion/announce it to you all, I used some full-nail water decals featuring some adorable leopards, so here they are!

Down the Rabbit Hole!

Hey gals!

Today I'm sharing a mani with you containing some clock water decals and some dry water-marbling. What? Dry water marbling!? Prepare to be amazed...

GoT: The Iron Throne

The Fandoms Strike Back- Game of Thrones

Hey everyone!
Welcome to week number two of 'The Fandoms Strike Back'! Today sees Game of Thrones mani number two, and of course it just had to be...

The Iron Throne
The story just wouldn't be the same without it, would it? It'd be "Game of ...." So I decided to attempt to recreate the throne on my nails, and here is how it turned out: 

The Failure Dragon

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a bit of an "Ooops, I failed today" mani. I'd blame it on the water decals, but I'm actually pretty sure it's my own fault, so I won't do that!

BOHEM Nails!*

*This post contains an item supplied by BOHEM Nails in exchange for an honest review. This item is the silver nail jewellery piece.

Hi folks!

Sometime last week I was offered some BOHEM nails to review- so here I am, and here's the review!
(Don't forget that you can click on any of the images to increase the size of them!)

Happy World Book Day!

Hey everyone!

It's World Book Day today!
As a self-proclaimed book nerd, it feels right to do a post on this day of celebrating books, even if I did only find out about this morning because of twitter.

GoT: A Song of Ice and Fire

Hey everyone!

So today is a very exciting post. That is... it's the start of a new post series! Behold, for on Wednesdays...
The Fandoms Strike Back
In other words, I'm one of those people who likes to obsess over some TV shows, movies and books, and totally wish they were all real so I could live in them... I mean, sometimes the real world just seems so dull
To begin with, I thought I'd kick it off with a bang... Game of Thrones!

February in Nails!

Hey everyone! :)

So February was an.. interesting... month to say the least. Think 'bad day' and times it by 28.
But hey! We got some pretty nice nails out of it, right?
Just look at these beauties!