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Foil Fail!

Hey guys!

So today I'm going to show you what not to do with nail foils. That is, how not to apply them (unless you like them like this, in which case, go for it!).
This post will also be a little short as my camera threw a bit of a hissy fit because it's batteries are almost dead and I don't have any new ones handy. Hopefully I'll fix that before Wednesday's post!

As you can tell, the foils didn't exactly work as expected... Those patches on the black nails are meant to be feathers, except the whole feather didn't exactly transfer. It doesn't matter so much on the blue nails since the colours are pretty similar and therefore blend a little. Actually, it kinda works on the black nails too as it makes them look a little bit... galaxy-like? 
Ah, whatever, it was a total fail. 

If you're gonna use foils, unless you want them to be all patchy and cool (which can seriously look amazing some times!), I'd recommend using actual foil adhesive... Which I did not.
Instead, I decided to go with the top-coat method, in which you apply a top coat to your polished nails and wait for it to be dry to touch yet very very very slightly tacky. That's where the issues came in- if the polish was too wet then the foil would drag it off instead of stick onto it. But if the polish was too dry then you obviously aren't going to get any foil transferred onto it. 
Though I haven't tried foil adhesive in a long long time (well before I started the blog I think), I do recall it being easy to tell when this stage was, as it started off a white or creamy colour on application and changed to a clear adhesive- a bit like PVA glue. Problems solved!
(I will purchase some of this and keep you updated!)

I am however, loving my colour choice for this mani, despite the smudgy imprinted texture caused by my failed foilings. The blue is Morgan Taylor's "Party at the Palace" from their new Cinderella collection and is a gorgeous Tiffany blue colour with a slight golden shimmer. "Black Multi Glitter" by Barry M is the chosen polish for the darker nails, and is literally what it says... a black polish with fine grains of multicoloured glitter. 10 points for the name, Barry M!

Have you tried nail foils before? Let me know how it went for you in the comments below, and also if you have any tips, tricks or other application methods!

See you on Wednesday for a hopefully good Game of Thrones mani!


  1. Still looking pretty :) the only time I've used foils with the proper foil glue was when I stamped a flower image and pressed foil on it, it worked really well but you have to work quick x

    1. Thank you! :) I'll definitely be grabbing some glue and doing a nail or two at a time then, thanks! x

  2. I've just pickled up an Essence Foil Transfer Polish/top coat, part of their new Spring 15 editions, not sure if that will work either, but the transfer fluid/glue that was in my Ciate nail foils kit worked really well

    1. Ooo I'll keep an eye out for those two and give them a try, thank you! :)


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