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Wiki'd Nails: The Water Babies

Hey everyone!

It's Week 2 of the wiki challenge now, with the prompt for this being "The Water-Babies, a Fairytale for a Land Baby". Basically from what I've read over on wiki, it's a book where someone gets turned into a 'water baby' and taught what is 'good' again by a few fairies and leaders and what not... Yay?

All of the art for the book is in a pretty cool sketchy-painted kinda style so I wanted to try and capture that a bit, but I wanted to incorporate some stuff about the fairies, and of course the water, into my nails too, so this is what I came up with. (Major apology for the pic quality again, my camera and I will be reunited next week! And don't forget if you click a pic, you can make it bigger)

Wiki'd Nails: Tattoo

Hey everyone!

So I joined a challenge group on facebook. You may have heard of the A-Z nail challenge? If not, you can see what all of those lovely ladies got up to right here.

Since that challenge finished, they came up with a new challenge, the Wiki'd nails challenge, where once a week for 10 weeks we each tackle a prompt from a wikipedia page.

Insta'd: MoYou Stamping

Hey everyone!

So following last week's shopping post, I'm gonna show you a couple of manis I did with the MoYou London stamping plates. They were sooooo amazing to use, and the stamper is way better than the £1 one I grabbed a couple of months back (no surprise there though).

The first one I used just had to be Literature Plate 1!

Insta'd... Shopping!

Hey everyone!

So whilst exams are underway, I'm gonna be posting some random updates showing my recent instagram pics and writing some text-only posts. Today I'm grouping up my last week-or-so's shopping items!

First of all, I ordered some pretty little MoYou London stamping plates and an XL stamper... And I'm loving them all. You'll hear loads more about these post-exams!

Yellow, it's Me!

Hey everyone!

Today I bring you a swatch of a polish with a very punny name. Behold, "Yellow it's Me" by Nicole by OPI.

China Glaze: When Stars Collide

Hey everyone! So whilst it's exam season I'm gonna be sticking to some simple swatches and hopefully get through quite a few of them to start filling up the 'swatch link' section of my polish list spreadsheet! I'll try and keep up the typical 3 posts a week, but I can't make any promises. Make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram if you want more regular updates :) I'll also add an exam count-down to the end of my posts just like last year. 
Anyway, on with the post! Today I have a gorgeous holographic polish from China Glaze to show you all. Not only do I love the name of this polish- When Stars Collide - but I also love the finish it gives.  (Please note that all images here are with the flash on)

GoT: House Baratheon

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the week of silence, things have been busy with revision for yet another set of exams. When will they be over?!

Anyway, today brings the final Game of Thrones post to y'all. Which means that post-exams there'll be a new Fandom attacking the blog... dun dun duuun! To bring the GoT posts to a close, I bring you...

GoT: House Lannister

Hey everyone!

Today's Game of Thrones post brings a mani inspired by a rather controversial House. You can actually love them and hate them at the same time! Introducing... House Lannister!

Their sigil thing has a mighty lion and their motto is "Hear Me Roar", and the main characters here are Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion. (Tyrion obviously being the best one).

Anyway! Their banner is of yellow and red, so those are the colours used, and I did some lion-y patterns on my nails to try and represent them a little.

Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Hey everyone!

It's officially the 2nd year of blogging over here on Nail Parade, and I honestly can't believe that this is it, the two year mark already. I remember sitting in sixth form deciding to do this as a bit of a 'why not' thing and here I am now sitting in my room in Manchester still writing it, and loving it, after two whole years. It's really crazy!

OPI "Can't Let Go" Swatch

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday and enjoy the time off if you get it!

Today I'm taking it back to basics and showing you a quick swatch of a polish I bought some time in the past few months (I've kinda lost track...oops!). Also just a quick reminder that you can click any of the pics to view a larger version of the image if you wanna see those close-up glitter granules!

April... in Nails!

Hey everyone!

So April was a pretty decent month really, I came back from Africa, have now officially finished my first year of uni's lectures, went to a ball... And we had some pretty cool nails too, right!?

If you can't remember them all then don't worry, I've popped them all into one handy picture for you and will link them all below!