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Flamingo Stamping!


So the other week I bought some new stamping plates from MoYou London including their gorgeous flamingo-themed Tropical 16 plate. As an animal-lover I just had to have this so much and I tried it out the day I got it!

Life Update!


So, first of all, my apologies to anyone who's been popping by in hope of new content in the past couple of weeks! I've been a bit awol as I'm sure you can tell, and needed a bit of a break from life really, I guess.
All in all though things are good, and I have good news and bad news for you!

First of all, the bad news, I'm going to be away for 3 weeks from mid-July, so posts will definitely not be regular and may not even be there at all. So that's your warning. Second of all on the negative front is that I don't plan to do any nail art, unless it's quick/easy or just decals/wraps. I've lost my mojo somewhere (if you find it, do feel free to send it back!).

A Blogger's Bookshelf: The Bone Season

Hey everyone!

So it's been forever since the last "Blogger's Bookshelf" instalment- the last one was in January in fact! I guess I haven't really been reading as much as I should've been.

Anyway, today's book is "The Bone Season" by Samantha Shannon, so read on to find out a bit of info about the book, why I liked it, who else may like it and why you should consider reading it.

Wiki'd Nails: Bridge

Hey everyone!

Today's "Wiki'd Nails" prompt is Bridge. Soooo I chose my favourite/most sentimental bridge- Golden Gate Bridge.

It's often pretty foggy around the area, so I wanted to try and incorporate that onto my nail design.
And so, this is my attempt at a foggy Golden Gate Bridge nail design.

Lion King Nail Art!

Hey everyone!

Over the weekend I tried a nail art tutorial by CutePolish, which I'll pop into the end of this post for you all to look at too!

Here was my end result, which I'm pretty impressed with, to be honest!

Wiki'd Nails: Tesla

Hey everyone!

Today's "Wiki'd Nails" Challenge subject is "Tesla"... of the Nikola Tesla variety. I must say, I recognised the name when I first read it but wasn't sure what he did. Apparently he's best known for the AC system in electricity, which sparked a few ideas to transfer onto nails.

My first plan was going to be some lightning strike nails, but then I remembered about a new stamping plate I got...

May Nails Round-Up!

Hey everyone!

It's officially the 1st June- yay! That also means that it's the end of my exams (though good luck to anyone who is still cursed with them) and therefore the end of my first year at Uni, which is a little scary and quite a bit 'yippeeee'. It's had ups and downs but I made it to the end, which is the most important thing, right?

Aaaaanyway... Since May is over this calls for a round-up of May nails I do believe! There's 9 manis to gawk at today, so I hope you like them and I look forward to seeing June's roundup already.