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Nail Mail!

Hi Paraders!

So late last night I received some wonderful nail mail with my order from LiveLovePolish! I never want to order polish from anywhere else ever again, their packaging is adorable and they include a personalised hand-written message with your order to say thanks! Plus they stock all the sparklies *drools*

I totally sound like a walking advertisement right now but I just have a lot of feelings about this company.
Anyway, I ordered 5 beautiful polishes + a couple of peel-off base-coats for my friend at home. Check out these beauties!

From left to right we have got:  China Glaze's Too Yacht to HandleFemme Fatale's Heart of the MountainKBShimmer's Alloy Matey!Powder Perfect's CherishSuperchic Lacquer's No Rest for the Wicked

So I would say that I went a little overboard on buying the sparkles, but there is no such thing as too much sparkle! So it's all good. You can see a little preview of them here below on some paper I had handy. Meanwhile I think I'…

Polish Update: Foxy21 Gel!

*This post contains items which were sent by Foxy21 in exchange for an honest review. They have also generously supplied a discount code, so many thanks to them!

Hello, Paraders!

Welcome back! There's a lovely little polish update I have for you right now. Remember those Foxy21 Gel Polishes I reviewed way back in March? Well, I have wonderful news!

As a brief reminder for you all, the polishes I received were black and red gel polishes, a base gel, and a topcoat gel, as well as the amazing magnetic colour-changing "chameleon cat eye" polish in a silver to pink transition. Below you can see an example of the bottle, and also the cat eye polish.

Click the link above to see the full review, but remember this is a UV or LED activated polish, meaning you need to cure it under a UV or LED lamp for 1-3 minutes, with results that last up to 3 weeks depending on your nail growth. 
Anyway... back to my point for today! Foxy21 has finally launched! YAY!!
You can now buy their produc…

Life Update: California Dreamin'

Hello Paraders!!

Long time no see. It's been what, 3 months? 6 months? I'm not even sure and I'm honestly too lazy to go and check.
So for those of you who aren't my close personal friends I guess it's time for a bit of a life update. Well, for the first big thing, I've moved to Cali for 9 months. (7-8 months remaining AHH! It's all going too quickly!). I'm out here doing a placement at the University of California Santa Cruz, specifically looking at sparrow behaviour, which is awesome! I get to hang around the University's Arboretum pretty much every day before heading up the lab to do the more typical mathsy-science stuff. It's definitely nothing to complain about as the campus is so pretty. You're gonna have to take my word for it til I can get some amazing picture shots! Seriously though the whole campus is pretty much covered in Redwood trees, and you can see the ocean and the mountains. I'm pretty sure there's nothing else like…

A Blogger's Bookshelf: The Versions of Us

Hello, hello Paraders!

Today I return with a Blogger's Bookshelf posts after reading maybe 2 books since I last did one of these... I haven't been reading much.

Don't forget you can follow me on Goodreads to see what I'm currently reading and what I think of said books! My profile is right here!

Anyway, today's subject is a book called The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett and it was such an emotional rollercoaster, so prepare yourselves. I gave it a massively impressed 5 out of 5 stars. 

Firstly, don't read this book with too much wine because you'll have to concentrate in order to follow it accurately. There are three 'versions' in this novel, each with the same characters and protagonists. However the differences between versions begin from chapter 1, depending on how the 2 main characters meet and what this then leads to. 
Once you get past the initial 6 chapters or so the differences between each version become more distinct and real. Honestly, I…

Color Club 'Crystal Baller', ft. Unt 'Ready for Takeoff'

Hey Paraders!

How are you all? It's been quite a while now, maybe 2 months since my last sporadic post? Well, now that it's Summer and I'm getting pretty bored I'm setting myself the challenge of at least a post a week. In fact, this week, (Monday 8th - Sunday 14th) I'm going to challenge myself to do a post a day...
Encouragement will be appreciated.

Disney Princesses: Snow White


Today marks the beginning of a new nail-art collection... The Disney Princess collection. Of course, as any true Disney fanatic will tell you, the order of Disney Princesses and respected, and thus, the collection will follow the true order of princess release/creation, and follow only the 'official' princesses.

And so, it brings us today where the collection begins with none other than (of course) Snow White.

Life Update 2016 1.0

Here comes the life update I just promised!
Be prepared for... actually not much, but be prepared anyway.

The year kicked off with a lovely trip to Lake Tahoe in California/Nevada (it's on the border), and we celebrated New Year there. On return, exam period commenced with much stress, as it does.

Return of the Blogger


How are you all?
Me? I'm great! My second year of university is (finally) over, and I am so, so ready for the summer to get started - although the Manchester weather seems to be preventing this. The nail course I was doing is also over, so I'm one step closer to becoming a nail technician if my degree happens to go down the pothole (which hopefully it doesn't, because the world needs animals now more than ever in my opinion). So basically, I'm back to being 99% stress free, and extremely bored with hardly anything to do. And so, I have returned to you delightful people (if you are still there) and to any of you who join me to walk on the path of Nail Parade from this point forwards.

What's the plan then?
I'm gonna mess around with the blog layout a little, to start with, I think! I'm also planning lots of exciting swatches, and nail art funs for you all mixed in with the occasional book review, travel and lifestyle posts, as always, and probably some…

Foxy21 Gel Polish!*

*This post contains items which have been provided in exchange for an honest review. Within this post, these items are any "Foxy21 Gel Polishes" mentioned.

Hey guys!
Long time no see, but welcome to any new readers, or welcome back to any returning ones. I have a pretty cool post to set you all up for some more exciting things to come, so I'll just skip straight in.

Introducing to you, a new brand of UV & LED Gel polish, known as "Foxy21". The prices and website are still currently being finalised, but as soon as I know how much the polishes are and where they can be purchased from, I'll update this post here to let you know!
As seen in above, the bottles are a professional looking gold, and also surprisingly light in comparison to those of OPI and Morgan Taylor (a definite bonus when trying to paint and hold a bottle in the same hand). I was lucky enough to be provided with a base coat, top coat, bright red polish, dusky pink polish, black polish, and …