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Disney Princesses: Snow White


Today marks the beginning of a new nail-art collection... The Disney Princess collection. Of course, as any true Disney fanatic will tell you, the order of Disney Princesses and respected, and thus, the collection will follow the true order of princess release/creation, and follow only the 'official' princesses.

And so, it brings us today where the collection begins with none other than (of course) Snow White.

Life Update 2016 1.0

Here comes the life update I just promised!
Be prepared for... actually not much, but be prepared anyway.

The year kicked off with a lovely trip to Lake Tahoe in California/Nevada (it's on the border), and we celebrated New Year there. On return, exam period commenced with much stress, as it does.

Return of the Blogger


How are you all?
Me? I'm great! My second year of university is (finally) over, and I am so, so ready for the summer to get started - although the Manchester weather seems to be preventing this. The nail course I was doing is also over, so I'm one step closer to becoming a nail technician if my degree happens to go down the pothole (which hopefully it doesn't, because the world needs animals now more than ever in my opinion). So basically, I'm back to being 99% stress free, and extremely bored with hardly anything to do. And so, I have returned to you delightful people (if you are still there) and to any of you who join me to walk on the path of Nail Parade from this point forwards.

What's the plan then?
I'm gonna mess around with the blog layout a little, to start with, I think! I'm also planning lots of exciting swatches, and nail art funs for you all mixed in with the occasional book review, travel and lifestyle posts, as always, and probably some…