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Shoe(box) Polish

Hello hello,

Wow, another post?? Am I feeling okay? (Thanks for asking, I have actually been in bed almost all weekend with a cold - who the heck gets a cold in April in California!?!?) Anyway, I am writing this in between episodes of Netflix's new show 13 Reasons Why, one of the most controversial shows I think has been around in a while. This show is nuts, I want to finish watching it and yet it's super triggering and just plain sad to think about both how real and how glamorised it is. Can it be both at the same time? I'm unsure.

I'm not here to talk about that stuff anyway, I will let the more experience media bloggers open that can of worms. (Though I am opening to chatting about the show and general tv stuff if anybody would like to, just drop me a message on fb/twitter/instagram).

Today I am here to make a ridiculously huge list of the polishes which live in my shoebox. Yes, an actual shoebox - us students have very good storage solutions, okay?
Despite only bringing around 30 polishes to the USA, I seem to have accumulated more along the way. If anybody knows how this happened please tell me where to find more, I would love to offer them a safe haven in the shoebox in my closet.

Oh great mysterious shoebox, what treasures do you hide from us??
I suppose this list is for mostly my benefit, so I can actually see what I have with me. However, you guys get a glimpse of the fun too - these are the polishes which will be features over the next 10-11 weeks! I plan to try and swatch all of these before I leave... an ambitious goal, and one that may need encouragement to be met. You can also tell me which you're just itching to see first, if you like - just drop me a comment or a message. I'm gonna number them all so you don't even have to write out the whole polish brand/name if you're as lazy as I am (see how easy I make it for you, just comment a single number and I'll prioritise that little beaut).

And on that note, on with the list (all links point to swatches)...

1. ILNP: Reminisce
2. ILNP: Masquerade
3. ILNP: Harbour Island
4. ILNP: Hush (Holo)
5. ILNP: The Magician
6. ILNP: Yours Truly
7. ILNP: Versailles
8. ILNP: Cygnus Loop
9. ILNP: Mountain View
10. ILNP: Greatness

(I obviously purchased my ILNP orders in 2 sets of 5... heheh).

11. OPI: Sprung
12. OPI: What Wizardry Is This?
13. OPI: Worth a Pretty Penne
14. OPI: Baby Please Come Home
15. OPI: Yodel Me on My Cell
16. OPI: (Designer Series) Reflection
17. OPI: My Little Petunia

18. Nicole by OPI: Fisher Queen (Carrie Underwood)
19. Nicole by OPI: American As Apple Pie (Carrie Underwood)
20. Nicole by OPI: Sing You Like a Bee (Carrie Underwood)
21. Nicole by OPI: Cinna-Man Of My Dreams

22. Morgan Taylor: Party at the Palace
23. Morgan Taylor: A Touch of Sass
24. Morgan Taylor: Bright Eyes

25. Models Own: Sarong Wrap
26. Models Own: Southern Lights
27. Models Own: Shades
28. Models Own: Beach Bag
29. Models Own: Paradise Garage
30. Models Own: Chrome Gold

(You didn't think I'd leave Barry M at home did you?)

31. Barry M: Blueberry (Gelly)
32. Barry M: Papaya (Gelly)
33. Barry M: Countess
34. Barry M: Paprika (Gelly)
35. Barry M: Diamond Glitter
36. Barry M: Guava (Gelly)
37. Barry M: Mediterranean
38. Barry M: Cardamom (Gelly)
39. Barry M: Full Throttle (Speedy)

40. Nails Inc: Knightsbridge Nights
41. Nails Inc: Kensington High Street
42. Nails Inc: Baker Street
43. Nails Inc: Queen Victoria Street

44. Color Club: Angel Kiss
45. Color Club: Crystal Baller
46. Color Club: Cosmic Fate

47. Formula X (by Sephora): Chaotic
48. Formula X (by Sephora): Sparklebomb
49. Formula X (by Sephora): Center of my Universe

(and now for the random polishes who I only have 1 or 2 polishes per brand...)

50. Ciate: Members Only
51. Tanya Burr: Little Duck
52. Tanya Burr: Fairy Godmother
53. China Glaze: Too Yacht to Handle
54. China Glaze: I Soiree I Didn't Do It
55. Orly: Sparkling Garbage
56. Orly: Candy Shop
57. Wet n' Wild: Dreamy Poppy
58. Wet n' Wild: Kaleidoscope
59. LA Colors: Jewel Tone '447 (A)'
60. Superchic Lacquer: No Rest for the Wicked
61. Essie: Rock the Boat
62. Femme Fatale: Heart of the Mountain
63. KBShimmer: Alloy Matey!
64. Academy of Colour: Fools Gold
65. Academy of Colour: Unnamed Polish (silver)
66. Nabi: Black Flake (Gel Nail Color)
67. Leighton Denny: Saturn Seduction
68. Powder Perfect: Cherish

Aaaand, that's it! Pretty impressive collection for a shoebox hoard, right? I must say I'm missing all of my polishes back in my collection at home, I'm sure they all need some shaking up. We will be reunited soon enough, my pretties! In the mean time, I have these 68 to focus on, and just over 70 days to show them enough love. This is going to be tougher than I thought, so I guess I'll see you very soon. Maybe tomorrow...? Until then, I will be off trying to get my head around 13 Reasons Why (and also doing some work in the wonderful sunshine). Have a great day!

Edit: A few polishes have been previously swatched here, and so I have added the links to these super old posts. However, a few of them have been swatched but not linked as I feel like the images on the old posts do not do the polish justice, and I like justice. Therefore, I will be swatching them again (any excuse to wear them, I know). Thanks for understanding!


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