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Swatch Watch: OPI 'Sprung'


Wooo time got away from me for a couple of weeks. Has it really been so long already? My apologies to any of you who have been eagerly waiting for new swatches (I know I have)! To make it up to you I've got a swatch for you today which, in my opinion, is pretty "in season" right now. I'm talking about the Rose Gold trend that's been going on for a year or two now - who would of known it would become so popular?

Today's nail polish is: OPI 'Sprung'. It sounds like it should be a spring green kinda colour... but nope! This polish is a beautiful rose-gold kind of colour with a perfect amount of shimmer to be classy and sophisticated. Don't believe me? Here it is!

Fact File:
Brand: OPI
Polish Name: Sprung
# of coats: 3 + (applies quite thin)
Finishing Texture: Smooth, shimmer
Cost: £3.10 at the time of writing, on

So I paired this polish with this gel-finish dotty topcoat... thing. That sadly, has no name, and was bought by my roommate so I'm not even sure where to find it. Cute though, right?

Back to the actual OPI polish... It has a wonderful shine that could be a multichrome polish if it tried just a little bit harder to define the gold and bronze-pink shades in the light. However, don't take this the wrong way, because the polish itself is really beautiful. It's a perfect neutral shade for me (someone who doesn't like neutral polishes). I think it's the shimmer that makes the polish for me, it just wouldn't be the same without it.

My few bad points about this polish however, is that it takes a few coats to apply evenly. The first coat looks kinda streaky, and needs to be built upon with at least 2 more layers. (Therefore this isn't a good polish if you want something quick-drying). Once you reach opaqueness there are no streaks present though, which is great! Removing the polish is also a little bit of a pain due to the tiny pieces of shimmer that are present, but the polish did stay on with only a small amount of wear at the tip for a good 7 days. (Yay, OPI!).

To end on a positive, above you can see two images taken using the flash. It really helps to capture the rose shade present in the polish and just screams "rose gold!" to me. Plus, at £3.10, it really is a bargain. (I hope it stays in stock for you guys!). 

Before I leave again, I have a small life-update for you all! I leave the US in a mere 7 weeks or so (ahhhhh what???) and return to the UK. That means it's only a few months until uni starts again, and only like a year until I graduate (whuut). Everything is becoming so real and I'm starting to plan what to do in this weird thing known as the "Future". As in, post-uni. I've been considering studying Law for around a year now and I've come to the decision that it is probably the perfect fit for me, and so that is what I am going to do. I am determined and ready to claw my way into a law firm, which may mean a drop in posts again, or posting even more sporadically than I'm doing so now. For that I would like to apologise in advance, but I hope that you can understand and support me while I figure my life out! Thank you all! 

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all again very shortly :)



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